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Time out in Taipei: 3-day City and Nature Itinerary

Time out in Taipei: 3-day City and Nature Itinerary
  • 3-day tour of the best places to visit within the city of Taipei, as well as hotspots in the surrounding mountain areas.

Sights & places you'll see with this itinerary:

  • Longshan Temple
  • Tour Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world with the fastest elevators
  • Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial park
  • See ancient relics at the National Palace Museum
  • Explore Shilin night market
  • Danshui area tour
  • Taipei Zoo
  • Take a cable-car gondola ride through lush forests to the tea fields of Maokong
  • Hike through Yangmingshan National Park
  • Enjoy hot springs, local cuisine, and more!

The Main Focus of this itinerary:

  1. There's a lot to do in Taipei but I combine the best city sights with nature escapes to give you a well-rounded feel of the city.
  2. Tips on using public transportation.
  3. Directions to the destinations as well as maps so as to avoid getting lost!
  4. I created this itinerary to encourage people to visit the beautiful and multi-faceted island-nation of Taiwan.

Why You Should Buy The Guide

  • Saves you time so you don't have to do extra research on Taipei.
  • Saves you money by giving specific instructions on how to use public transportation.
  • I narrow down the many options of the city and bring you the best possible sights to see on a short visit.


What does the itinerary include?

  • 26-page PDF document
  • Pictures, maps, and directions showing you where to go.
  • Helpful advice/suggestions
  • Basic Chinese phrase list
  • My contact information if you need anything else or have any other questions while in Taipei.


Itinerary Table of Contents:

  • How to Use This Guide
  • Taipei Transportation Tips
  • Restaurants/Accommodation suggestions
  • The 3-day itinerary -- I provide a detailed itinerary with activites, times and specific instructions.
  • About the Author


Sample From the Itinerary

This is a sample of the itinerary. The actual itinerary includes additional pictures and maps.


Longshan Temple

9:00am to 10:00am

Longshan Temple is a famous old temple and historical site in Taiwan. From Taipei Main Station take the Bannan line (the blue line) towards Yongning. Get off at Longshan Temple Station. When you exit, there will be signs outside the station directing you to the temple. There is no entrance fee and the temple is open from 6:00am until 10:20pm.

Stroll around the temple and take in the sights and sounds. The grounds are beautifully decorated and visitors can relax by ponds filled with large, colorful fish. Restroom facilities are also available on site. Outside the temple, visitors can find a variety of shops selling everything from traditional items to Chinese medicine. 



Who is this guide for?

  • The first time visitor to Taipei

Don't Forget:

  • Have a wonderful adventure! If you're not happy with the tour itinerary, Unanchor will gladly refund your money. (See below for additional details.)


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Author: Rhonda Mix

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11 Jan 2012


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