Aly Coy

Two-Day Tour in Sunny Seville, Spain

  • Two-Day Tour in Sunny Seville, Spain

Aly Coy

Two-Day Tour in Sunny Seville, Spain

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Seville is famous for tapas, flamenco, beautiful Moorish buildings and its sun. This tour covers everything you need to see in your short stay in the romantic city. The tour is created by an actual tour guide, who lived with locals, worked as a bartender in a hostel and taught English. 

Save money with this tour, with free attractions and student discounts. Learn the best times to go to each attraction, avoiding the lineups and how and when to get in for free. Included is what bar has €1 beer all night where to see a free flamenco show and where to find a flea market that has a huge pile of €1 clothes!

For lunch enjoy the best quality and affordable tapas restaurant, with dish and drink suggestions. 

Find out where Christopher Columbus is buried and ways to beat the heat. This tour will save you from the hottest part of the day while efficiently planning your trip to see the must-sees as well as getting a feel for local life. 

Learn Spanish sayings that will help you manage your stay and communicate with the locals. 

The tour starts at the most beautiful plaza in Seville, to a lush park, the oldest and prettiest area in town, walking around historical areas and ending with a free flamenco show. With day two, see the world's largest wooden monument, markets and shops, more tapas restaurants, an amusement park, a flamenco squat bar and even where to get a midnight snack and the cheapest bar in the city. 

Sample from tour

"This building was completed in 1771 originally used as a tobacco factory. It turned into part of the University of Seville in 1950. 

When it was used to produce tobacco, mostly women worked there and it inspired the famous opera, Carmen. You can see an interesting flamenco rendition of the opera, or a weird "hip-hopera" by Beyonce on Youtube.  

Pretend you're a student and explore its Hogwarts like interior, with statues and open plazas inside."

This fun yet informative tour is jam-packed with interesting facts you can tell your fellow travelers at the end of the day, and will show you Seville from an expats perspective, not a tourist's. You'll save money and won't miss a thing in your two day tour. Also included is the most important thing to know during your stay and a romantic gesture to impress your loved one (revealed in appendix of tour)! 

I hope you enjoy the amazing weather in Seville, stunning architecture and the friendly, welcoming locals. Any questions I would love to hear from you, my email is and please rate my tour when you get a chance! 

From your tour guide with love,

Aly Coy