The Authors Circle is a program for Unanchor authors who are interested in connecting with other authors to help promote themselves and the Unanchor family of guides.

What is the Authors Circle?

  • Each month, one or two of the members of the Authors Circle will be promoted by the group.
  • Authors are chosen in an order chosen by random, making sure each author is promoted once every 6 months.
  • The promoted authors will create a blog post on in the vein of “An afternoon/morning in <city>”.
  • Every member of the Authors Circle will receive unique shortlinks, which they use during the month to drive traffic to the blog posts created by the promoted authors.

At the end of the month, Unanchor will send the traffic report to the members of the Authors Circle, showing how much traffic was created by each individual. 

How to Follow the Authors Circle 


Unanchor Authors Circle List



East End Taste

Resident Tourist LA


East End Taste

No Hay Bronca


Petra's Chessboard


May 2017 Authors Circle


Author City/Area Promoted Month
Clare Los Angeles January
Ted Cancun February
Paulina Edinburgh March
Sam Taipei April
Alejandro Mexico May
Ellie Cyprus June

In January, Clare writes a blog post, "A La La Land afternoon in Los Angeles", which has photos and a few links to interesting locations from the film, as well as links to the actual guides for sale.  Each author then receives an email with a link to the LA blog post, example tweets, posts, and photos.

  • Unanchor sends out a newsletter promoting Clare's LA guides.
  • Ted has a regular newsletter, so in January, he includes a spot for the LA guide.
  • Alejandro is on Instagram, so he posts a couple pictures from the blog to his followers during the month.
  • Paulina and Sam both have strong followings on twitter, so they tweet with links to the blog or actual guides.
  • Ellie posts to her friends on Facebook and emails a few key individuals that come to mind.
  • Unanchor covers LA as a featured location through social media.

During the month, Clare is following the fellow author's social media activity, responding and engaging where appropriate.

In February, Ted writes a blog post titled, "A perfect sunset in Cancun", and each author receives an email with the details for that month.

Why be part of the Authors Circle?

  • Build your social network in new geographic regions
  • Promote your guides
  • Get ready-made content for your existing networks
  • Help fellow Unanchor authors
  • Prominent placement in Unanchor social media and newsletters
  • Build the Unanchor family of guides
  • Fund the continuous marketing campaign for the Authors Circle.
  • Be featured on the Unanchor website.

Next Steps

Interested?  Email for more information!


Authors Circle Members


Clare Auchterlonie

Nikoletta Lamprou

Ted Campbell

Vanessa Gordon

Olivia-Petra Coman

Alexandra Korey