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I moved to Los Angeles on a whim in 2001. It sounds bold and adventurous but really it was a bit naive. I fell in love with Los Angeles, and lucky for me it worked out and I’m still here 15 years later.

It may sound quite strange but what I truly love about Los Angeles is it’s the city where no one belongs. No one seems to actually be from LA. All those stereotypes you have about LA are true, we’re plastic, ridiculous and over the top, but most importantly we don’t take ourselves too seriously. I've learnt a lot about Los Angeles rich and colorful history that goes way beyond making movies and celebrities. Los Angeles itself is constantly evolving and keeping up with it can be quite exhausting. It's changed so much in the 15 years I've been here.

I discovered Unanchor and I thought it would be fun to try and write a guide to Los Angeles and share what I love about the city. As Los Angeles is such a car oriented city and many first time visitors don't hire cars for their visit, I started off in 2012 with a walking tour of Downtown as it's ideal for exploring on foot. I wanted to write something that not just tourists could use but also locals - with so many people not from here, it was also a chance to create something that they could use to show visiting friends and family around.

Since my first tour I've written tours about other areas within LA to enable people to dig deeper into those like Beverly Hills or Hollywood but I've also written tours that showcase the highlights of LA which is ideal for the first time visitor or showing someone from out of town. Now I’m on my Eighth tour with a view to trying at least 3 more in the works. The ideas come thick and fast it's just the making the time to research and write them.

Los Angeles is more of an art city and I’m more of a history buff, and there’s plenty to appease me if you know where to look. I really enjoy the Autry museum which focuses on the history of the American West and California Science Center which focuses on science and space. LA has endless options for food, in particular Mexican food which is a firm favorite. I currently work in Downtown Los Angeles, I love exploring all that history during lunch breaks and I live at the beach so I think I’m getting the very best worlds of Los Angeles everyday!

Dear Authors, Wondering what to share about LA?  Here's a few ideas....


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Many people confuse Los Angeles with Hollywood - probably one of the most famous places in the world, but just a small part of Los Angeles, an enormous city that can engulf many of the US's other cities and still have space left over.

Los Angeles is the Mecca for wannabes, could-bes and might-bes, and it's the Hollywood sign, one of the most recognizable signs in the world that draws them here. It's a symbol of failure and tragedy for many, hope and success for others. It's been featured in countless movies and TV shows, and it is cherished by Angelinos whatever their connection to it and the city.

Los Angeles is unique in the fact it has no real center, it is like lots of little cities in one big city, unkindly called urban sprawl by some people! With 4 million people in the city and 10 million in LA county, one of the great things is you never feel hemmed in! Because of the vastness of the city, the best way to see Los Angeles is to split your stay into two areas for example: inland and the beach.


Some myths about Los Angeles:

  • It's always sunny. Los Angeles has about 15 inches of rain a year. In May, we have May Gray and in June, we have June Gloom where it's overcast virtually every day. Best months for weather are September and October where it's normally sunny and hot around 75F.
  • "No one walks in LA" as The Missing Persons sang in the 80s. Well, times have changed and although LA is spread out, many areas of the city have become pedestrian friendly and there is a very active and successful movement to encourage getting Angelinos out of their cars and walking and cycling instead.
  • Traffic is terrible. With 26 million cars in the city, I'd be lying if I said we have no traffic. And it's true that we do refer to places as the time it takes to get to, not the miles and LA's traffic is 2nd worst in the country (sorry DC) but as long as you avoid rush hour, 8-10am and 4pm-7pm, you'll be fine.
  • Everyone works in showbiz. Actually, our number one industry is manufacturing and we are the largest manufacturing center in the US!
  • Everyone is image conscious, only in certain areas like you would get in other major cities like New York, London, or Paris. One of the nice things about LA is most service people know to treat everyone as if they are someone, no matter how they are dressed, because they could be someone - known as the Pretty Woman rule.
  • It's full of gangs and is dangerous. Actually, LA's crime rate has been dropping consistently for the last 10 years. However, you should still take the same precautions you would in any major city - keep an eye on your valuables, especially smartphones, don't flash wads of cash, and don't leave valuables exposed in locked cars.

Local Info

Editor's Note:These are some of the gems that only a local will know.  Use these to help promote specific places, or highlight the inside knowledge.

My favorite place to scout for a unique gift is the Library Store at the Central Library in DTLA. They have such a variety of cool things to buy and best of all, it supports the Public library system.

My favorite ice cream is Sprinkles. You may have heard of them because of their cupcakes but it’s their malted milk chocolate (with real malt ball pieces) that I adore. Luckily for my waistline it’s only available on certain days of the week.

When I want to escape from the pressures of modern life and pretend I live in the past, I head to Musso & Franks - a Hollywood legend since 1919. I like to slip into a booth and sip martini’s pretending I’m drinking cocktails with literary greats like F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner and Raymond Chandler.

Brunch is practically an Olympic sport in Los Angeles and my favorite place is Bottega Louie’s in DTLA. In fact if I could only eat at one place for the rest of my life, Bottega Louie would be just fine. From the beautiful polished white marble floors to the attentive service and perfectly sized Italian plates - Bottega Louie is my favorite place to eat.


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A really great guide that allowed us to hit as many or LA's major sites, and saved us £££ too!

This guide was great and so helpful, allowing us to cram as much into our short time in LA as possible. The author clearly knows the city well, and factoring in travel times between each location was a really nice touch; at one point this even put us back on the right path as we realised we had been travelling for too long so must have gone wrong! We were on a tight budget, so having so many cheap or free things in the guide was a huge help, though we treated ourselves one night, so outlining some luxury options helped us too.

All in all this was a really great guide that allowed us to hit as many or LA's major sites, and saved us £££ too. Win!

An Excellent and Affordable Guide to Hollywood

This 3 day itinerary is a good read whether you visit LA or not! It is full of great history, local lore, and insider's tips. This is a solid purchase for visitors to be sure but I bet even the locals will learn a thing or two!

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