Art Lovers' Paris: A 2-Day Artistic Tour of the City of Lights
Art Lovers' Paris: A 2-Day Artistic Tour of the City of Lights
Art Lovers' Paris: A 2-Day Artistic Tour of the City of Lights

Gemma King

Art Lovers' Paris: A 2-Day Artistic Tour of the City of Lights

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For lovers of art, there is arguably no finer city in the world than Paris. This is not just because the ville lumière is one of the world’s most photogenic places. Nor is it simply due to the swathes of influential artists who have made the city their home through the centuries, from David to Monet to Picasso to Van Gogh. And Paris is not just notable for its array of world-class museums and private collections. Rather, it is this rare combination of panoramic beauty, artistic history, and cultural richness that makes Paris the ideal destination for artists and art lovers alike.

The French capital is split into two rives, or banks, by the Seine river, and each rive has its own artistic identity. Picturesque, demure, and sophisticated, the rive gauche is home to the museums and artist residences of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Latin Quarter. Across the river, the rive droite is quirkier and more bustling, and sports the museum haven of the ninth arrondissement and the home of Impressionism, Montmartre.

The Rodin Museum, Itinerary Day One

This guide will lead you through the highlights of Parisian art history, beginning on the rive gauche on day one and moving to the rive droite on day two. It will send you to quaint and unique museums and monumental views that have inspired artists through the ages. You already know about the Louvre, so this itinerary doesn't include such well-known museums. Convenient and mostly walkable, it will show you the artistic heart of Paris and take you off the beaten track, mixing art history with delectable French cuisine and café culture.

What does this itinerary include? 

  • A step-by-step walking tour of the city, split across two days and the two river banks – all the planning is done for you
  • Detailed maps, directions, and navigation information to guide you easily from spot to spot
  • Insider tips for saving time and money, including plenty of free and cheap activities
  • Beautiful photographs of Paris sights
  • Anecdotes and details about what makes each site unique and why it is worth visiting
  • Personalized and lesser-known dining and sightseeing suggestions you won’t find through a Google search or a Lonely Planet guide
  • Contact and visitor information for all destinations

Why should you buy this itinerary?

Paris is the tourism capital of the world for a reason. But with this status comes a curse: the crowds of tourists, especially in the summertime, which flock to all the same places, and the tacky souvenir culture that springs up around them. Many tourists are reading the same generic guidebooks, many do not look beyond the obvious museums or restaurants, and many do not step off the beaten track to enjoy a more authentic side of the city.

Having lived in Paris for years, I appreciate the classic sights the city has to offer (part of the walking tour will lead you along the river to take in the Eiffel Tower in all its grandeur), yet I also know how to weave between the popular and the lesser-known areas, taking you from busy boulevards to calm narrow streets, to experience a truer side to the city. Since 2011, I have also run the blog Les Musées de Paris, exploring the lesser-known museums of Paris (of which there are over a hundred!), so I am a resident expert on the city’s artistic culture and history.

It is easy to get lost in the glitzy tourism facade that pervades Paris’ most well-known monuments and districts. Let me share my insider expertise with you and show you how to take in the less obvious art and culture of Paris.

If you are unsure about any details for your trip or have extra questions, you can contact me directly; my email address is provided in the itinerary.

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