Laneway Melbourne: A One-Day Walking Tour
Laneway Melbourne: A One-Day Walking Tour
Laneway Melbourne: A One-Day Walking Tour

Gemma King

Laneway Melbourne: A One-Day Walking Tour

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The charming city of Melbourne, Australia is a dame of many faces; culture capital of Australia, arguable sports capital of the world, voted World's Most Liveable City several years in a row, official UNESCO City of Literature. Melbourne is a cosmopolitan hub brimming with endless dining, shopping, drinking, wandering, and sightseeing opportunities.

Melbourne is classically beautiful when viewed from its grand boulevards. It is glamorous when viewed from the glittering lights of Southbank, along the Yarra River. It is iconic when viewed across the city skyline, its skyscrapers, monuments, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and the bay spread out before you.

But, perhaps Melbourne’s most unique face is in fact its hidden one.

For in between the bustling main streets, criss-crossing over the entire city centre, lies a tucked-away network of narrow laneways and quaint arcades, each with its own character, just waiting to be explored. Down these tiny streets lie cafes, restaurants, boutiques, street art, galleries, bars, and more.

What does this itinerary include?

  • A one-day step-by-step walking tour of the city - all the planning is done for you
  • Detailed maps, directions, and navigation information to guide you easily from spot to spot
  • Insider tips for saving time and money, including plenty of free activities
  • Beautiful photographs of key city sights
  • Personalized dining, shopping, and sightseeing suggestions you won't just find through a Google search
  • Contact and visitor information for all destinations

Why should you buy this itinerary?

Hidden by nature, Melbourne’s laneways and their many treasures are difficult to find and navigate without the help of someone in the know. A native Melbournian, an eternal explorer and a passionate champion of the city’s hidden side, I can guide you around Laneway Melbourne!

Plus, if you are unsure about any details for your trip or have extra questions, you can contact me directly; my email address is provided in the itinerary.