Three Days in Central California's Wine Country
Three Days in Central California's Wine Country
Three Days in Central California's Wine Country

Jim Read

Three Days in Central California's Wine Country

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Danish windmills? Ruby red pinot noir? Insect candy? Stunning views of the Pacific Ocean? Riding on the dunes? One of the most famous bathrooms in the world? The only way to see all of this on a three-day visit to the Central Coast of California is to understand how to make the most out of geography of this gorgeous area.


Three days is a perfect amount of time to explore the Central Coast of California, if you know where to go. From Solvang to San Luis Obispo, on this three day itinerary you will explore Danish windmills, an Ostrich farm, a miniature horse farm, historic adobe houses and Catholic missions, beautiful coastal parks, and the most bizarre bathroom you will ever see. Each day will also feature trips to wineries and local restaurants to experience the food and wine famous throughout the world (and featured in the film Sideways).

This itinerary is designed with the active traveler in mind, somebody who wants to squeeze as much as they can into a full three-day visit. It's particularly aimed for those who are visiting the Central Coast for the first time. Most visitors end up coming back year after year, and following the sample itinerary offered here will allow a visitor to come away with a good sense of what the area has to offer. We'll sample the outdoor activities offered in the area, explore the various cultural offerings, and toast all with some of the world's best wine. The itinerary is designed to intelligently lead you through a landscape that has enticed present and former residents like Ronald Reagan, Michael Jackson, David Crosby, Bo Derek, and Weird Al Yankovich (it's an eclectic area). The beauty is often hidden on back roads that will make you fall in love with Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.



How does the itinerary work?

I've designed each of the three days into two halves, beginning with a unique morning breakfast and morning excursion. The afternoon begins with a leisurely lunch (eating outside on a patio over a glass of local wine is the way locals do it), followed by an afternoon of exploring wineries, downtown areas, famous sites, and the various towns on the Central Coast. I've also tried to offer options. Are you an outdoors person, or would you rather relax in a spa? You choose what best suits you.

I've lived near Pismo Beach for 30 years and am happy to invite you to come visit a place I could never leave. If you have any additional questions, please send me an email!