What to pack for a long-term or RTW Trip (Female Edition)

What to pack for a long-term or RTW Trip (Female Edition)

In our previous post, we gave a break-down of what to pack for a long-term or round the world (RTW) trip for guys. Today, we’ll take a look at the female edition. I present to you, our guest poster (my wife), Sharon Duckworth.

The Bags

1. Main Pack: The most important feature of your pack is going to vary depending  on different traveling styles. For us, we found that it was most helpful having more than one opening to the inside.

2. Carry-on Bag: This was given to me as a gift but ended up being one of the more important items out of all. This is what I would bring with me on a train or a bus while my main pack was down at the bottom. It was the perfect size; it just barely fit my netbook computer, a leisure reading book, my travel pillow, and had a second compartment for all of my other items I wanted to have at all times.

3. Over the shoulder purse (not pictured): This was my day bag that I brought around with me while sightseeing. It was small and had a long, adjustable strap that allowed me to wear it across one shoulder for protection from bag snatchers. Make sure it also has zippers and enclosed pockets to prevent pick pocketing.


1. Jacket: If you’re traveling in cold weather, it’s crucial to have a tough, waterproof jacket. Mine happened to be extra awesome; the lining of the jacket was a separate fleece zip-up that I could unattach and wear when it was not completely freezing.

2. (1) A plain old, bulky t-shirt

3. (1) A fitted, long sleeved t-shirt

4. (1) A nicer sweater to wear if you don’t want to feel like a man for a night

5. (2) Pairs of jeans

6. (4) Tank tops to be worn by themselves or as undershirts when it’s cold

7. (1) An athletic pull-over

8. (1) A summer dress that is appropriate to be worn in conservative countries

9. (1) A pair of long shorts

10. (1) A plain, high collared fitted t-shirt

11. (1) A plain, v-neck t-shirt (for a bit of variation)

12. (1) A nice “going-out” shirt

13. (1) A pair of comfy/sleeping/lounge pants

14. (1) A fabric tote bag to hold underwear, bras, and socks

15. (1) A pair of comfy shorts (very versatile!)

16. (1) An awesome pajmina (can be worn as a bikini wrap, scarf, blanket, etc)


1. (1) Some sort of athletic shoes (depending on the types of activities you do while traveling). Here, I have a pair of New Balance trekking shoes that are light and easy on the eyes.

2. (1) Pair of flip flops. These should be from a good, durable brand that can be worn in water (you’ll sometimes have to use them while showering).


1. (1) Digital Camera

2. (1) Amazon Kindle (my newest obsession)

3. (1) iPod or other mp3 player

4. (1) Asus Eee 1005HA Netbook

Storage Things

Although it is important to have your main pack open up in multiple areas to be able to reach all of your belongings with ease, these plastic bags were essential in saving space and keeping clothes organized.

1. (2) Large Space Bag to go (I separated shirts from bottoms)

2. (1) Plain, large ziploc bag to hold my flip flops when it was cold (mainly to keep from them touching my other things)


1. (1) REI First Aid Kit

2. (1) Small bag to hold feminine items…

3. (1) Absolutely amazing Eagle Creek Toiletry Bag (has multiple compartments and endless awesomeness)

4. (1) Moleskine for those days when you walk for 12 hours straight

5. (1) Travel sized body lotion

6.(1)  Contact Lens stuff (if needed)

7. (1) Facewash

8. (1) Face moisturizer with SPF (VERY IMPORTANT! Most travelers are constantly outside in the sun. Prevent your skin from looking like a handbag.)

9. (1) Tiger Balm (the best medicine for mosquito bites… Seriously)

10. (1) Regular face moisturizer for the evening (I’m big on skin care)

11. A razor (unless you like looking like a wildebeest)

12. Shampoo and Conditioner

13. (enough) EARPLUGS (I could not have survived staying in hostel dorms without a steady supply of these)

14. (1) A compact mirror

15.  (1) Large fast dry shower towel

16. (2) Nail clippers

17. Pain killers

18. (1) Deodorant (tough to find in many Asian countries)

19. (1) Travel hairbrush that folds into a very compact piece of plastic


1. (1) Headlamp

2. (1) Laptop power cord

3. (3) Good, sturdy hairties

4. (1) Chapstick with SPF

5. (1) Sunglasses

6. (1) Travel pillow

7. (1) iPod and Kindle power cords

8. (2) Pen

9. (1) Multi-use knife

10. (2) Copies of your Passport, (1) Copy of your ID, (1) Copy of your birth certificate (We have only ever used our Passport copy)

11. (1) All-in-one power plug adapter

12. (3) Bra-strap concealer (If you’re like me, you hate showing your bra straps when you’re wearing a racer back tank…it’s just tacky)

13. (5) Passport photos

14. (1) Blindfold (Also for those hostel dorm rooms…)

15. (1) Laptop lock

16. (1) Passport

This concludes my personal list of what to pack. I realize that I am a very… comprehensive packer. I know what I won’t go without, and I don’t skimp out on items that pertain to my health. Also, as women, we need to pack more than men (but I’m not judging against any men out there who wear bras and get a period once a month), so I hope this list of items helps you to remember things you might have overlooked.

Can you think of anything that you can add to this list? Substitutions? Questions?


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