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Our Elevated E-Gift Travel Experience

So, you LOVE giving gifts! Those thoughtful gifts that you know will make your friend smile and instantly know you care. But sometimes that thoughtful e-gift becomes an anti-climatic, and a frankly sad gift giving experience for the receiver as they unfold the black and white print-out you grabbed from the printer and folded awkwardly into a holiday card. Not this holiday season! Nope, we’ve got you covered. Your loved one is going to know and feel the joy of your gift upon opening!

WOW your favorite traveler with an e-travel bundle that excites.

Unanchor is here to make sure your favorite traveler not only gets the best gift ever, but has that WOW moment upon opening the unique gem you bought for them this holiday season. This holiday season is not about another sweater or pair of socks. Nope.

Time to give the gift of an experience!

Halloween has passed and that holiday itch has taken over.

Your workday thoughts are infiltrated with all things holiday cheer. No, you don’t want to wait until after Thanksgiving to jump into the Christmas spirit. You are ready now.

Each night as you wind down, you search the interwebs for ‘That’ gift. The one that will continue to secure your place at the top of the gift giving pyramid. You have a reputation to uphold here.

As you scroll, gift ideas abound… but in the end, they all seem to fall flat.

Ooh, cute, your friend has plenty of those.

Oh wow, that coffee cup is hysterical... but is it just another thing?


Now, that is an idea. But how to make that gift of an experience special for your friend upon opening the gift. The thought of that sterile piece of black and white paper printed out from your copier folded up into a holiday card makes you cringe. So ugly! So un-thoughtful! Especially, after you spent so much time searching out that perfect gift. The gift may be great, but man, how flat does it fall in that packaging.

You’re ready to elevate that experience. Time to make that time and effort you put into the gift shine through all the way to the finish.

Achieving that perfect packaging for your very thoughtful e-gift is like finding a unicorn in the woods.

In fact, you’re not alone if you’ve ever felt like:

  • ⏰ You’re spending hours looking for the perfect gift, which happens to be an e-gift, only to have it fall flat because the packaging is lame.
  • ☹️ You’ve tried everything under the sun from color print to putting that print out in a larger box for effect and yet, the smile of the recipient shines a little dimmer than anticipated even when it was THE perfect gift.
  • 🕯️You’re ready to throw in the towel. You’re done wasting your time and energy on trying to give that gift of an experience because the packaging always falls flat. Back to gifting candles with cute quotes.
  • 🛍️ You want to support a small business, but it is harder than you thought.


Once upon a time, I searched out the best gifts for my friends. Sometimes it was easy other times, my brain hurt from the amount of thought I tried to inject into the process.

It was always my traveler friends that gave me pause. They weren’t into stuff. A cute mug with a witty quote wouldn’t do. And, they already had all the travel accessories...eye mask, check, headphones, check check, compression socks for those long-haul flights, yep. I had tried the latest must-have travel gadgets and thing-a-ma-bobs, but they always underwhelmed. 

It wasn’t until I finally discovered Unanchor Travel Itineraries that I truly felt like I had found that unicorn fabulous gift for my favorite travel buddy. 

And now, my favorite travel guide company has come out with the BEST holiday gift giving experiences I could imagine. Which means, I finally have that thoughtful gift plus a gift packaged to the nines to give my friends the ultimate holiday experience!

Choose from 3 amazing gift bundles for your favorite traveler.

The Daytripper, The Overnighter, & The Weekender

Imagine finally being able to…

✅ Give the gift of an experience to your favorite traveler without that cringe-worthy print out from your home computer.
✅ Give a thoughtful gift that doesn’t break the bank.
✅ Feel confidant that your favorite traveler will cry that happy tear when they open your gift.
✅ Have a resource for that friend that may want to explore their hometown through new eyes.

But wait, there's more!
Let our 30 years of travel experience plan your next trip!

For the first time ever, we're excited to connect with you personally and customize one of our itineraries for your next trip.

Introducing our Black Friday Reimagine Travel Package!

Imagine finally being able to…

✅ Experience a trip that is 100% curated for you and your travel style.
✅ Experience a place with the heart of a local.
✅ Save time researching your next trip
✅ Bring the joy back to travel due to the ease of planning.
✅ Does’t cost the majority of your trip budget to acquire.