Get Lost? The guide is on us!

Yes! Seriously - phone, fax, or smoke signal - get in touch - we want to know. We at Unanchor are travel enthusiasts to say the least… travel fanatics to say the most.

As avid travelers and lovers of everything of the sort, we can relate to the struggle of wanting to see everything that a destination has to offer, but also not knowing where to begin researching the best attractions. In 2010, Unanchor was created for the very reason of enabling travelers like yourself to do Less Research, More Travel  and we are committed to making sure that’s exactly what we are helping you to do.

Our Unanchor self-guided tour itineraries are meant to be the vehicle that travelers use to expand their horizons abroad. With that being said, if your vehicle gets a flat tire, and you find yourself not completely satisfied with our product, we will buy it back. YES, we will really buy it back from you! That’s how committed we are to your travel experience. We know that you don’t need any more hassles, so please be sure to let us know if you have any problems. 

Now go out and explore. Oh, and be sure to share your pictures with us when you do using the hashtag #travelunanchor.

- Cat Crews
Unanchor Co-founder
Cat Crews, Unanchor Co-Founder