The Unanchor Story

Unanchor was originally founded by Jason Demant and Mohammad Forouzani. Unanchor began during Jason's year-long trip in 2010 through Asia. The constant frustration of figuring out what to do and how to get around sparked the idea. The "ah-ha moment" came during a stay in Beijing. While researching what to do, Jason found literally over a thousand attractions to see. How was one supposed to choose? And once you did, what was a smart way to plan the day and get around?

Jason settled down in South Korea for a couple months to solve this problem. He taught himself to code and launched the first version of the site. After launching, Jason realized the importance of a technical co-founder and began searching for one. He used the Hacker News Co-Founder Google Doc to advertise the opening. Mohammad found the ad, was impressed with the idea and reached out to Jason.

The next addition to the team was Cat Crews, who started by working with the itinerary writers to publish guides. Over time, her responsibilities grew to running the entire site. Due to family obligations, Jason and Mohammad had increasingly less time to dedicate to the site and at the very end of 2014, Cat and Norm Santos purchased the site from Jason and Mohammad. As they say, the rest is history.