Itineraries crafted by locals. Gone are the piles of guidebooks, coordinating maps & bus routes, and reading all the review sites. Grab an itinerary & go!
Prioritized Sights + Maps & Directions + Insider Information = Unanchor Self-Guided Itineraries

What is Unanchor?

What's a self-guided tour itinerary?

Self-guided tour itineraries are your personal tour guide. Each itinerary provides you with a digital book containing:

  • Prioritized sights and attractions in a timeline format so you can move ahead or stay behind to explore at your pace
  • Detailed maps and directions with information on the costs and navigation of local transportation
  • The best insider secrets, tips, and tricks for your travel destination revealed by a local who knows their hometown best

Follow your itinerary from start to finish to make the most of your travel experience, and save time and money on transport and attractions.

Email us if you'd like to see an actual sample of an Unanchor itinerary.