Florence, Italy 3-Day Art & Culture Itinerary
Florence, Italy 3-Day Art & Culture Itinerary
Florence, Italy 3-Day Art & Culture Itinerary

Alexandra Korey

Florence, Italy 3-Day Art & Culture Itinerary

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Three days is not a very long time to explore Florence, but it is enough to see some of the world’s most important art as well as to get a good feel for this city… as long as you plan every detail! If you follow this itinerary, written by an art historian who lives in Florence, you won’t end up disappointed because a museum is closed or a restaurant is no longer good, or because you missed out on something really important.

This itinerary is perfect for the first-time visitor to Florence or for anyone interested in learning about art and culture while they travel.

This guide provides tips on the best things to see and do in Florence, with specific suggestions that will give you the best possible experience and help you avoid the tourist traps! It covers the major sites, combining museums, churches, shopping and leisure so you don’t get tired or bored. It includes places to visit that you might not have found on your own, and specific restaurant suggestions so that you can taste the best of Florence.

Bonus: As most museums in Italy are closed on Mondays, Day 3 is planned to suggest what to do in Florence on a Monday in case your trip includes this day that traditionally poses some difficulties for travelers.

Written by a long-term resident with a PhD in art history, following this itinerary means having an expert in your pocket!


This itinerary combines must-see sites with walking tour elements, hidden secrets and great restaurants. The following are the cultural highlights - but there's much more in here!

  • Church of Santa Croce
  • Piazza Signoria and its sculptures
  • Piazza Duomo
  • Church of Santa Maria Novella
  • The Uffizi Gallery
  • Palazzo Davanzati
  • The Bargello
  • San Miniato al Monte
  • Palazzo Medici Riccardi
  • Church of San Lorenzo and market
  • Santa Trinita
  • Ponte Vecchio
  • Shopping and Gelato breaks with suggestions for the best gelato :)