Hi! We are Erin and Todd.

Lovers of travel and adventure. Late-night musings of where in the world we should visit dominated conversation while we were dating. And just six months after getting married, the first adventure was on the horizon when Todd got transferred to Paris in January 2008. Those first six months turned into over two years of travel as we meandered our way through Southern Africa, Central, and South America. We didn’t have regular access to the internet. Just a flip phone, travel books, the word of other adventurers, and a skype account. Upon returning to the states in the Spring of 2010, we promised ourselves that every ten years we would travel for an extended period of time.

Life got complicated over those ten years as we settled into our jobs and life in Durham, NC. The responsibilities of adult life ever catching up to us. The conversation of where to next and when can we make this happen was a common discussion in our house. Fast forward 12 years to February 2020, when we purchased Unanchor.

Unanchor was founded in 2010 to help travelers answer the ever-looming question of ‘what to do’ when on vacation. Helping them weed through the multitude of options and see a city through the eyes of a local. Todd had been working part-time with Unanchor for a couple of years. Unanchor resonated with usSeeing a city through the heart of a local aligned with our travel style. We aren’t fancy and prefer to engage with a culture vs being locked away at an all-inclusive. Don’t get me wrong, those are fabulous sometimes, but not our norm.

Now, we are on the road again; round two travel adventure. This time feels a little different. We are older. Working on Unanchor and having a fun time doing it all. We look forward to sharing all things; the good, the not-so-good, the wish we would have known, and the inside scoop of all the places we visit.