2-Day Brighton Best-of Walks & Activities
2-Day Brighton Best-of Walks & Activities
2-Day Brighton Best-of Walks & Activities

Terrie Chen

2-Day Brighton Best-of Walks & Activities

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Just an hour south of London, Brighton is both easily accessible and easily overlooked by those coming from out of the country. From its unusually high number of restaurants (and its especially impressive selection of international food) to miles of lively seafront, this city tends to boast a universal sort of appeal. Its vibrant nightlife and abundance of cultural attractions and events are part of every itinerary, but they are far from the only things to be seen and done!

If you enjoy a low-key, relaxed approach to traveling, this guide will offer you the freedom to explore the most interesting areas without the pressure of hitting all the "must-sees." This itinerary will take you on rambling walks through historic districts, along the seaside, and even out for a morning in the countryside. You'll get to experience the flavour of the city by mingling in some of its most popular areas, but also be able to enjoy some of the things a casual visitor might gloss over. 

You will primarily be walking on this trip (both the transportation and the attraction), interspersed with some public transportation and lots of places to sit down for a break or a bite. There will be some expenditure in the form of entrance fees, but transporation costs are minimal and we have tried to provide affordable suggestions for food. For the most part, it's a budget-friendly guide.

What you can expect:

  • The Royal Pavilion, an unmistakably iconic palace, but also its surrounding buildngs and grounds.
  • The Brighton Marina, but not for the cinemas or casinos or shopping.
  • Ditchling Beacon, a hill up on the South Downs. Look down at the city from afar!
  • The Lanes, not just for shopping.
  • Leisurely walks through cosy neighbourhoods, overlooking the sea, along the sea, and much more.

If any of this sounds appealing, give this guide a go!