2 Days in Shanghai: A Budget-Conscious Peek at Modern China
2 Days in Shanghai: A Budget-Conscious Peek at Modern China
2 Days in Shanghai: A Budget-Conscious Peek at Modern China

Charlie Cooper

2 Days in Shanghai: A Budget-Conscious Peek at Modern China

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This itinerary is perfect for those who:

  • Seek a cheap way to see Shanghai with your budget options clearly laid out.

This itinerary was made with the budget-concious traveler in mind. Traveling can be expensive if you don't know where you're going or what to prepare for, especially in a city like Shanghai. I have carefully laid out your options based on price versus convenience, ensuring that the fastest route is often times the cheapest, most interesting method of getting there.

  • Want an introduction to modern China and a look at its traditional side.

Shanghai is the face of modern China acting as the financial center of the country, yet it still retains many of its historical buildings and cultural areas (The Bund, French Concession, Yu Garden, etc.); so I have carefully created an intriguing balance between new and old to share with you.

  • Want to avoid tourist traps, mundane areas, and an all-around uninteresting time.

Shanghai is a big city. You've likely already read about 100+ places, restaurants and areas of Shanghai that are allegedly must-see. The reality is that the majority are not and you have limited time to figure that out for yourself. I have over 5 years of experience living in Shanghai and showing off the city to friends. To put it simply; I know where you should go.

  • Want to experience the best of local cuisine, culture, and shopping.

China is home to more than just "General Tso's" meager offerings. I have prepared several recommendations, local and international, based around the areas you will be exploring, giving you the option to be as adventurous as you'd like to be. This also applies to specifically what shops will have the most unique items and what to avoid. 

  • Do not want to get lost and spend more time seeing/doing than asking for directions and taking taxis. 

I have crafted custom-made maps for every area, all of them current with destinations and directions clearly laid out, so you can spend more time exploring and less time worrying about where you are.

  • Want up-to-date information and local insight.

Shanghai changes every week, with new restaurants opening and closing all the time. All of the costs, directions, and recommendations are current and will be updated immediately if there are any changes. Having been in your situation before, all of my local tips will help make your trip immensely more comfortable, satisfying, and most importantly, enjoyable.


  • Current, custom-made maps with destinations and directions clearly laid out.
  • Detailed information of where you should be able to wander and experience the city at your own leisurewithout concern of wasting time or getting lost.
  • Local and international cuisines recommendations all conveniently in the areas you will be visiting.
  • tour of old China as well as the spectacle of lights that is modern Shanghai
  • Best gifts to buy your friends/family at home with the prices you should be paying so your haggling experience can be less stressful.
  • Transportation options separated by convenience and price. 
  • Nightlife guide recommendations based on price and environment.

Itinerary includes:

  • 28-page PDF document
  • Detailed maps with recommended locations marked on them, images of the sights you'll be seeing with arrows very clearly pointing you in the right direction.
  • My contact information if you have any detailed questions you'd like answered while you're in Shanghai.