3 Days Highlights of Mumbai
3 Days Highlights of Mumbai
3 Days Highlights of Mumbai

Adeline Ho

3 Days Highlights of Mumbai

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Planning a first-time trip to Mumbai? OR have you already been to Mumbai?

But the real question is: Have you SEEN and EXPERIENCED Mumbai?

What are you looking for when travelling to this beautiful city? Visiting important landmarks, experiencing the unique cultures and food and shopping, and enjoy the marvellous sights in the city? Or also to go off the beaten track and explore the various hangout places of many locals? 

All these and much more are included in this 3 full days worth of itinerary to explore Mumbai city, including a few more additional options available to extend the trip to nearby cities if your time permits.

This itinerary will allow you to get many valuable insights into exploring Mumbai as the locals see their city, and engaging in many fun activities that the locals do for themselves as well-- all from the eyes of a person who knows exactly what you are looking for, because I am a frequent traveller there myself!

There will be many insider tips on food, travelling, sightseeing, fun and play, including detailed directions, maps and pictures to help you get from one place to another. Also included here are many insightful ad-hoc tips and advice for a traveller in Mumbai, which you may not find in many other guides! 

So, why wait any further? Get this itinerary and you will not only save yourself some time on the planning for the trip, but also to get numerous tips to enjoy a relaxing but fun-filled holiday!  All this is just a button click away, with satisfaction guaranteed! So, act now!