3 Days in Brussels - The grand sites via the path less trodden
3 Days in Brussels - The grand sites via the path less trodden
3 Days in Brussels - The grand sites via the path less trodden

Clare Birkett

3 Days in Brussels - The grand sites via the path less trodden

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Brussels is a cultureless city, only worth passing through to get to somewhere else, right? Wrong! Whether you are a tourist or you live there, this guide is the friend that you wish you had- the one that knows the real Brussels, and that will show you that there is so much more to Brussels than EU institutions, Jean Claude Van Dam and waffles.

How can you avoid the big brand chocolate shops to find the best artisanal hot chocolate in Brussels? Where can you buy 2nd hand Belgian beer glasses for a fraction of the price in the shops?

While you’ll get to see all the main sites like the Grand Place, Mannekin Pis and The Atomium, I’ll highlight the more overlooked parts of Brussels along the way. Old antique markets and beer tastings a stone’s throw away from hidden wall murals and handmade Chinese noodles- by going off the beaten path with this guide, you don’t have to break the bank to get quality and fun.

Written by a vegetarian food-enthusiast, the guide has a particular focus on excellent food, always recommending places with good vegetarian options, whether local or international.

Brussels is big enough to be an interesting holiday spot, but small enough to walk around, so this guide lets you discover the city on foot and by public transport..

Where I’ll take you:

A very popular area in Brussels is the arty, Bohemian neighbourhood St. Gilles, but most tourists never even set foot there. I’ll show you where to go to enjoy a lazy brunch at the market, or enjoy an evening in Brussels' best beer bar.

The Congo might not be a Belgian colony anymore, but the link between the two countries is still strong, and there is a thriving Congolese community outside of the main tourist drag. I’ll tell you where you can eat great African food there.

Want to know what a Belgian village is like without leaving Brussels? I’ll take you to a beautiful village in the outskirts for lunch.

And of course, I’ll take you around the centre, pointing out the best and most hidden parts.

If you have any questions about the guide, my email address is given in the itinerary, and if you’re not happy with it, I’ll give you a full refund.

So what are you waiting for, get off the Brussels beaten path!