3 Days in Copenhagen - Explore Like a Local
3 Days in Copenhagen - Explore Like a Local
3 Days in Copenhagen - Explore Like a Local

Lynne Knightley

3 Days in Copenhagen - Explore Like a Local

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The most livable city and the happiest country in the world! Come and experience the Danish ‘hygge’ yourself. This itinerary is the perfect introduction to Wonderful Copenhagen and shows you the best of the city from a local’s point of view. It’s like having a personal city guide in your pocket!   

It includes a 3-day tour of the best sites that are loved by the locals, helping you see this fairytale city and enjoy the Danish culture. It also includes maps and photos of the main sights so you can find your way around the city without any problems.

The restaurants are carefully selected so you will enjoy a great atmosphere and fantastic Danish food, while in the company of locals.

Here is a taste of what this guide offers:

Wonderful Copenhagen 

This is the city of the Little Mermaid and of Tivoli Gardens. It is the city of fascinating architecture, an interesting royal family, and full of Danish ‘hygge’. Hygge translates roughly to cosyness but is much more than that. It is what happens when surrounded by your friends and family. It is candles burning on a dark winter’s night. It is what you will discover if you find yourself in a bar with locals. It is the reason you will return to Denmark time and time again!

Immerse yourself in Danish culture 

The main difference between this Copenhagen guide and a regular one is, because it is written by a local, you will only be seeing the sights worth seeing, and you will only be paying for the attractions that are worth the ticket fee. And, of course, you will be immersed in the Danish culture by going where the locals go and eating where they eat. All in all, this is a guide to experience Copenhagen like a local!

What does this itinerary include?

  • A three-day step-by-step walking tour of the city - all the planning is done for you.
  • Detailed maps, directions, and navigation information to guide you easily from place to place.
  • Insider tips for saving time and money, including plenty of free activities.
  • Beautiful photographs of key city sights.
  • Personalised dining, shopping, and sightseeing suggestions.

Why You Should Buy This Guide

  • You'll learn the secrets of Copenhagen.
  • You'll get detailed instructions on how to get from place to place.
  • You'll be guaranteed to have a great trip!

Sample page from the itinerary:

The actual itinerary includes additional maps, pictures and other points of interest.


The Little Mermaid

Duration: 30 minutes

The Little Mermaid is an icon of Copenhagen. Everyone has heard of her and she is one of the main attractions in Copenhagen. She, of course, comes from Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale 'The Little Mermaid'. Hans Christian Andersen is well known worldwide for his famous fairytales and is one of Denmark's famous sons.

This statue is a 'must see' when you visit Copenhagen. Yes, she is small but she is also very beautiful and symbolic. She sits sadly on her rock looking out to sea. She has been beheaded twice but has always been lovingly restored back to her former glory.

The best time to see her is early morning before all the tourist buses arrive. You may even be lucky and have her almost all to yourself. If you are a very early bird then the sunrise here is fantastic! 

A visit to Copenhagen is incomplete without seeing this little lady. She is well worth the visit!

Hirschsprung Collection

The Hirschsprung Collection

Duration: 1 hour

The Hirschsprung Collection is an intimate museum of what some consider the finest selection of Danish paintings. It is a quiet and cosy place with very helpful staff. The wonderful paintings are from the Danish Golden artists, including works by the famous Skagen artists.

There are free audio guides in English, and it is certainly worth using one. You will have a unique and memorable visit.


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