72 Hours in Taipei: The All-rounder
72 Hours in Taipei: The All-rounder
72 Hours in Taipei: The All-rounder

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72 Hours in Taipei: The All-rounder

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A 3-day whirlwind tour of the capital city of the island formerly known as Formosa; Taipei, Taiwan.

World famous for its food (just google Esquire Taipei), its natural hot springs, and increasingly on the radar as one of the coffee capitals of the world, tourists are fast waking up to what Taipei has to offer.

If you're on the fence between a city trip and experiencing some nature and outdoors exploration, this is the guide for you. Taipei is a small city surrounded by mountains and so offers an ideal opportunity for both types of trips.

The guide breaks your holiday down into a busy three days meaning you'll get to see the best of what Taipei has to offer, in terms of food, coffee, entertainment, culture, relaxation, hot springs, and stunning natural beauty. There'll also be photographic opportunities noted, as well as some of the best bars to boot (and more importantly when to go to them).

Having lived in, and fallen for, the petite capital city for one year this is a guide loaded with all the secrets I've acquired to date.

Below are some of the highlights:

  • Maokong Gondola and teahouses
  • Wulai Natural Hot Springs and Waterfall Hike
  • Night markets, shopping tips, and hidden speakeasy bars
  • Elephant Mountain and Taipei 101 (fastest lift in the world, and the second tallest building)
  • Where to find the best dumplings (shuǐjiǎo), dan bing (or egg pancake, a mouth-watering, classic Taiwanese breakfast meal), and other local cuisine highlights. (Note: The tones are VERY important, or this can sound as if you're talking about sleeping, not dumplings. This guide includes a brief introduction to the different tones and pronunciations.)
  • Taipei Zoo
  • Huashan 1914 Cultural and Creative Park; i.e. the best place to eat ice cream, drink coffee outside, and dog watch in Taipei
  • Fortune telling, foot massages, and snake alley

Aimed at?

This guide is mainly aimed at travellers in their 20s and 30s (solo, couples or groups of friends) for three reasons; it's busy so it'll be tiring if you stick to it religiously* it focuses on how to travel Taipei on a budget and it has little in the way of advice for families and children.

*Don't worry there are plenty of opportunities to relax which can be extended should you so choose.

Why buy?

  • Up-to-date tips and useful information all in one place, including the cost of each activity/outing mentioned, and tips on when (and when not) to go.
  • Taipei has so much to offer that it can be daunting trying to plan a short trip. This guide sorts the wheat from the chaff making your trip 100% wheat.
  • Save some $$$. When I arrived in Taipei I had very little money and so had to economise; it is very possible to live cheaply in this city and I've included tips on saving money (without limiting the experience) throughout this travel guide.
  • Maps, maps, maps & photos, photos, photos.
  • Each listing throughout each day includes detailed, and easy to understand, directions on public transportation. 

What else is included?

  • Maps, prices, and pictures aplenty
  • A basic Chinese phrasebook
  • Links to some of the most useful English language sites for the newcomer to Taipei
  • My contact details, should you have any questions during your stay!