A 1-Day Foodie's Dream Tour of Arequipa
A 1-Day Foodie's Dream Tour of Arequipa
A 1-Day Foodie's Dream Tour of Arequipa

Michael Fraiman

A 1-Day Foodie's Dream Tour of Arequipa

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This isn't a Peruvian food tour—this is an Arequipeño food tour. The Andean city, Peru's second-largest, is known for its traditional gastronomy, which means you're basically guaranteed to never find these dishes anywhere else in the world. They're represented by a unique blend of Andean spices and European flair, crispy pork skins, local fruits, spicy peppers, doughy desserts, and potatoes served every way you could imagine. Don't expect ceviche or lomo saltado on this tour; the goal is to stick to what's local whenever possible, including historic institutions and mainstay dishes.

This simple one-day walking tour will take you through the city's gorgeously preserved colonial downtown and through the beautiful lookout of nearby Yanahuara, all while making sure you're eating Arequipa's best offerings. We also eschew most of the conventional top-rated TripAdvisor restaurants—they're expensive touristy nonsense, and not really representative of the city's decades-old purveyors of desserts, coffee, and soups. If you want the real deal, read on.

What will you eat in Arequipa?

  • A complete 12-hour itinerary—two breakfasts, lunch, and dinner, with desserts and drinks in between.
  • The best spots for local specialties such as rocoto relleno, chupe de camarones, and adobo.
  • Unique local twists on South American classics, including Arequipeño tamales and lime-spiced empanadas.
  • Hand-rolled tea leaves, acclaimed coffee, craft beer, and the best spots for Andean corn beer, chicha.
  • Desserts abound: clove-spiced ice cream, sugar-dusted alfajores, and freshly fried buñuelos.

What does this Arequipa itinerary include?

  • Restaurants and food stalls you won't find on Lonely Planet—some don't even have addresses.
  • A good balance of popular (though authentic) restaurants along with places where you're guaranteed to be the only foreigner.
  • The city's one restaurant that must not be missed.
  • A guide to local ingredients, meal etiquette, and gastronomic history.
  • The best times to eat to avoid the crowds.
  • Information about public transport, detailed maps and directions, prices for sites and restaurants, and night activities as a bonus.

Why should you buy this Arequipa travel guide?

If you visit Arequipa according to the top restaurants on TripAdvisor, you'd waste roughly 50 times more money than this guide costs.

The city's best eateries aren't always touristic and expensive. Like all Unanchor travel guides, this itinerary has been curated by someone who's actually lived in Arequipa, and includes a detailed timeline of the city's top sights, along with maps, directions, and insider tips.

We've done the research—all you have to do is follow along and explore the city. No need to spend hours sifting through different websites, guidebooks, and maps. This itinerary is like having a personal foodie tour guide in your pocket—but with the freedom to explore on your own and without the cost!


At $3.99, the itinerary will pay for itself the first time you follow the advice on dining and traveling destinations. If you are unhappy with the itinerary for any reason, Unanchor provides a full refund. What are waiting for? Get this guide and go explore the food of Arequipa!