A 3-Day Thrilla in Manila then Flee to the Sea
A 3-Day Thrilla in Manila then Flee to the Sea
A 3-Day Thrilla in Manila then Flee to the Sea

Drury Mason

A 3-Day Thrilla in Manila then Flee to the Sea

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Coming to Manila for the first time and want to make sure you don’t miss out on the best the city has to offer?  Are you looking to see the coolest parts of the city that tourists always miss?  Or have you just decided to come to Manila and want to make sure you can navigate this colossal city easily and comfortably?  If so, then this three-day itinerary is exactly what you need to get the most out of Manila!

If you are planning to be in the Philippines for more than three days, you have probably thought about where else you might go.  This itinerary also gives you some insider tips on getting to Philippines’ best beaches, from the famous Boracay to the less known Laiya and many points in between.  So, if you are ready to combine the best of the city with a relaxing few days on the beach, this itinerary has you covered!

Metro Manila is a sprawling metropolis with an estimated population of at least 12 million, but probably ranging up to as many as 20 million in the greater Metro Manila area.  The city offers unparalleled nightlife, shopping and dining opportunities, quiet urban green spaces, amazing historical sites and bustling street markets.

A few examples include:

Want to check out a local busy street market that few visitors ever see?  The Quiapo market offers everything from elegant traditional Filipino crafts to knock-off clothes, personal accessories and electronics.

For high-end shopping and excellent dining options, visit the Philippines’ premier retail and entertainment venue, Greenbelt in Makati.

For an unparalleled night of people watching and a chance to expect the unexpected, the Burgos area is a great place to hang out after a meal at a little known but excellent restaurant.

There are endless possibilities in Manila but with its size, population and lack of development, getting around can be difficult – and getting off the beaten path is next to impossible.  This itinerary guides you through the places that everyone must see and takes you to places that visitors just don’t know about. 

Manila is also a city of great contrasts.  A city of rich and poor, genuine and fake, well organized and chaotic, Manila can be hard to navigate. This itinerary provides you with practical tips to make sure you experience the best of Manila, while avoiding some of the common problems that visitors typically encounter.

The itinerary has been built with everyone in mind and contains great options whether you are younger or older; on a budget or a spending spree; or are an early riser or a nighthawk. It is unlikely that you will be able to do everything on this itinerary for three straight days!!  Activities start at 9am-10am and can last as late as 5am.  So if you plan to sleep at some point, you will have to make a few choices!  Fortunately, the itinerary is built with flexibility in mind and can be mixed and matched to anyone’s tastes and budget. 

It is genuinely hard to show everything this great city has to offer in just three days, so if you have any questions or would like some tailored suggestions or assistance with anything while you are in Manila, feel free to email me anytime.  My email address is contained in the itinerary.