Discover Mont St Michel: 2-Night Stay
Discover Mont St Michel: 2-Night Stay
Discover Mont St Michel: 2-Night Stay

Ani Moriarty

Discover Mont St Michel: 2-Night Stay

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The Abbey of Mont St Michel receives over 3 million visitors annually.

There is a way when you first approach the Abbey, your mind cannot comprehend how such a 'rock' could last over the centuries. Perhaps that is why it is called by many, the 8th Wonder of the World.

It sits in The Baie du Mont St Michel -- an area of French coastline that is alongside the waters of the English Channel. Terrific storms and gale force winds roar through here. The tides are some of the highest in the world.

Construction? Began in the 900s and it is over 1,000 years old.

It is said when the tides move in, it sounds like the thunder of horses ... the Abbey becomes isolated and completely surrounded by water ... and people come to BE on the rock for this experience. It is magic. You can find high tide calendars online but do know to be isolated on 'the rock' you'll need to book a year ahead!

Others like to 'pilgrimage' across the sands from the continent -- this is available with a guide who knows the waters and the shifting sands.

It is magnetic for too many reasons to count -- and the region is spectacular, from gastronomic fare scattered across the countryside to historical wonders.

We have lived in the Baie du Mont St Michel for over 14 years. We've watched the rhythm, the ebb and flow of the tides, the locals, the tourists, and the accommodations that fill and empty seasonally ... We've listened to stories of people who come from far away just to see the splendor of the Mont ... others who come for a quick weekend from the UK ...  all who come are drawn for a dozen reasons. Whatever that draw is for you, discover the bounty of this region.

If you are wanting to visit Mont St Michel, perhaps on its own for an extended stay or for an overnight -- or coming off the Normandy Beaches (1.5 hours away) it will not disappoint.

With my tour you can choose between 2-3 suggested accommodations, hire a private guide for the Abbey (she is fluent French, German, and English), eat well, and sleep deeply in the fields of Normandy.

Please Note: You're in the countryside here. You will need a car!

You can either drive 3 hours west from Paris (directions provided), or reserve a seat on the fast train -- TGV -- to arrive in Rennes.

We provide you a list of recommended B&B and hotel accommodations to choose from for your 'stay in the baie' and will give you a list of great restaurants you might enjoy, from a fresh and delicious crepe and galette restaurant packed with locals to fine chateau dining just 20 minutes away.

On Day 2, wake up fresh in the morning to a full breakfast, and then spend a day on ‘the rock’ taking in the stunning World Heritage Site of Mont St Michel … or perhaps a walk along the polders of the baie … perhaps a guided pilgrimage tour across the sands. All of these possibilities are provided to you.

Choose your dining experience from our list or find your own, and return for a restful slumber in the countryside. Email me with any questions about this itinerary or traveling France in general:

Bon Voyage!