A 3-Day Tryst with 300-Year-Old Kolkata
A 3-Day Tryst with 300-Year-Old Kolkata
A 3-Day Tryst with 300-Year-Old Kolkata

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A 3-Day Tryst with 300-Year-Old Kolkata

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Welcome to the 300-year-old historic ‘City of Joy’ Kolkata. Also known as ‘The Cultural Capital of India’ or the ‘City of Processions’, Kolkata has been witness to some major political and cultural revolutions since its birth. Capital of British India until 1911, the centre-point of Bengal Renaissance, and India’s rebellious struggle for Independence, a tour of this city will take you back to life in the colonial world in the 19th century.

Kolkata is a vibrant and lively city. Even walking along the streets of Kolkata is an adventure. Meet the warm-hearted Bongs (Bengalis) and hear them speak the sweetest language in the world. Come face-to-face with the eclectic population of Kolkata. The city harbours people from all parts of India and from all walks of life. From street dwellers to mansion royals, from transgenders to sex-workers, from child beggars to social workers, highly educated to completely illiterate; Kolkatans will keep your mind and eyes engaged during your tour.

Kolkata also sets an example of religious harmony. You may hear the Hindu temple bells ringing or the Muslim azan being voiced out in a loudspeaker, the church bell striking or the halwa being handed over to devotees in a gurudwara. Hindu temples, Christian churches, Muslim mosques, Sikh gurudwaras, Buddhist monasteries, Jain temples, and Jewish synagogues all coexist along with their followers in this truly unique city.

Kolkata will also keep your taste buds tingling. From roadside eateries to luxurious restaurants, street side dhabas to modern food stations, Kolkata will satisfy all tastes and pockets. Don’t forget to try out the sweets of Kolkata and I guarantee you they are the best in the world.

There is so much more to say and write about my beloved city but I keep the rest for you to explore on your own upon your visit to this city of wonder.

The itinerary will guide you to the best Kolkata has to offer. It will provide you with a detailed guide, which will enable you to explore Kolkata without any external help and keep aside any worries associated with the unknown, you will walk through the streets of Kolkata like a local and experience life as it comes your way.

The itinerary is divided into three days:

Day 1: Tour through the vintage streets of North Kolkata that will transport you back to the 19th century and give you an insight into Kolkata as it was at that time. From the 19th century morning, you will experience a sudden time-travel into modern Kolkata in 2015 as you will enter the plush, urban landscape of New Town in the evening.

Day 2: Enter the ‘White Town’ region of Kolkata and experience the presence of footprints of British rule in India in the art and architecture of this region. Spend the evening in the lap of nature by Kolkata’s riverside and reminisce all that you learned about your tryst with time.

Day 3: Stroll through the flamboyant market places of South Kolkata to bring home pieces of India. Visit Kolkata’s most famous temple grounds and gape at what you see there. End your evening with jazz music, dance, and dining at a plush restaurant in Kolkata’s nightlife hub of Park Street.

Buy the itinerary and step into the streets of Kolkata on your own. The itinerary holds the secrets of Kolkata only a local can reveal. The itinerary opens the doors of Kolkata for you. Visit the place and take back memories of a lifetime with you.