A 5-Day Self-Guided Bike Tour Along the Rhine River
A 5-Day Self-Guided Bike Tour Along the Rhine River
A 5-Day Self-Guided Bike Tour Along the Rhine River
A 5-Day Self-Guided Bike Tour Along the Rhine River

Lauren Cox

A 5-Day Self-Guided Bike Tour Along the Rhine River

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Biking down the Rhine River is a highlight of a lifetime!

One of the most beautiful parts of Germany is undeniably between Mainz and Cologne, along the Rhine River. This stretch of land is famous for its picturesque villages, award-winning wines, and stunning scenery, and there's no better way to see it than on bike. Relish in the beauty that surrounds this area as you become one with your bike and the German landscape.

The ancient Romans were attracted to this majestic area due to the fertile land and natural hot springs, building hilltop castles, and quaint villages along the way. This self-guided bike tour will take you along their route, starting in Mainz and passing through the towns of Rüdesheim, St. Goar, Koblenz, Bad Godesberg, and finally Cologne. The biking path is mostly flat and almost exclusively paved trails, asphalt, and quiet country roads.

This 5-day self-guided bike tour will take you through quintessential German towns, past glorious castles, and alongside one of the most famous rivers in the world. Designed to show you scenery like you've never experienced as well as recommend the best restaurants, wine stops, and overnights visits, this itinerary is built for those seeking adventure. The majority of this route is not difficult and can be easily accessed by all biking levels, however, an intermediate cycling level and a basic knowledge of cycling etiquette is recommended. 

In this itinerary, you’ll experience:

  • overnight visits to six iconic cities, towns, and villages
  • the best Riesling wine region in the world
  • beer gardens
  • famous castles and cathedrals
  • mythical stories
  • WW2 historical sites
  • the best views of the Rhine Valley

This itinerary begins in Mainz and ends in Cologne. There are countless different ways to execute your biking trip, as you have the ability to travel with your own bike or rent a bike when you arrive. This guide suggests renting your bike and returning it in Mainz, as that is the most budget-friendly alternative, however, those details can be easily interchangeable with this tour.