A First Timer's Guide to 3 Days in the City that Barely Sleeps - Singapore
A First Timer's Guide to 3 Days in the City that Barely Sleeps - Singapore
A First Timer's Guide to 3 Days in the City that Barely Sleeps - Singapore

Sveta Chevli

A First Timer's Guide to 3 Days in the City that Barely Sleeps - Singapore

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Why pick me?

Do you not want to do the extensive research needed to plan an itinerary by yourself? Do you not want to be brought around by a tour guide either? What’s that, you want to be able to enjoy the key attractions without breaking the bank? Is 3 days all you have got? Fret not, I will show you the gist of Singapore through the eyes of a local in just 3 days, letting you go aboard what’s worth seeing and doing, and moving on from what’s not.

I am recommended for:

  • First timer's in Singapore
  • Sightseeing, shopping, nature, nightlife
  • Low to mid-range budgets due to the entrance fees for attractions
  • Those aged 18 and above
  • Those that enjoy walking since there is quite a bit of walking involved to lower transportation costs as well as explore places along the way

Although I am recommended for someone above the age of 18, those coming with their younger ones, do not worry as I can be modified to be made into a family friendly trip! The activities are suitable for those below the recommended age as well. The easily accessible public transport should be taken from place to place instead of walking, and the clubs can be omitted.

A bit more about my writer:

She has brought many family and friends from overseas, on a tour of Singapore by acting as their personal guide. Due to this, she feels that she has sufficient personal experience to write me, of course matched with further research as well. How were the activities decided on? She decided to include the activities that she personally enjoyed, as well as the tourists that she brought around. Hence, she came to the conclusion that they would most likely be liked by you too! Many of these folks that she has brought around are often heard complaining about Singapore being expensive. Therefore, I am constructed in a way that would cut down the costs for you, without leaving out the experiences. Understanding that getting from one place to another in a foreign place can be confusing, the directions are clearly stated.

Why come to Singapore?

Singapore…where do I begin? Singapore is known as a clean and green city. It is recognised as the "fine city" due to fines imposed on many acts such as littering. It is acknowledged for its infrastructure and world-class entertainment. It is also renowned for its local food such as Laksa. Being a tropical country, it provides with summer fun all year round.

Known for its diverse culture, there is a district for each of the different races. Chinatown for the Chinese, Little India for the Indians, Arab Street for the Malays, and Orchard Road for the Eurasians. However, you would find more Chinese than Eurasians in Orchard Road and more Indians than Chinese in Chinatown. Which other city could you find a national identity that relies on its various races? Singapore is where all differences come as one. The Merlion is the perfect representative. It is the union of a fish and a lion. Yes, just like the different cultures and races here. Some might complain that Singapore is really tiny. However, everyone is bonded because it is so small. The smaller we are, the more united it stands!

Still in a dilemma?

My writer's contact information is included in the itinerary for your use if you have any queries or if you would like to just drop by to say hi! If for any reason you are unhappy with me, Unanchor would provide you with a full refund!