A Weekend Snapshot of Melbourne
A Weekend Snapshot of Melbourne
A Weekend Snapshot of Melbourne

Suzie May

A Weekend Snapshot of Melbourne

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If you're visiting Australia from overseas, you may have crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, swum the Great Barrier Reef and stopped in awe at Uluru, but have you ventured further south to experience the true culture of Melbourne?

And if you live in Australia it's finally time to see for yourselves what this southern city is all about. Sydney-siders, put aside your differences, put on your walking shoes and spend a weekend getting to really know your southern neighbour.

With the Weekend Snapshot of Melbourne you can:

  • share a walk with the voices of 50 Commonwealth nations;
  • stand in the shadows of "The G", Melbourne's most loved treasure;
  • let a milkshake take you back to the 1950s;
  • be swallowed by the jaws of a smiling clown; and
  • enjoy a nightime drink up in the sky.

Melbourne is the world's most liveable city, and this itinerary aims to show you why. Get ready to pound the pavement on Day One as we take you on a walk through Federation Square and along and across the Yarra. We will stop at some of Melbourne's most loved attractions and take a moment to relax in a garden oasis. On day two, get to know Melbourne's public transport system as we hop on a tram and go market shopping, take a stroll along the bay and then head to Melbourne's north for a relaxing drink and dinner.

Filled with easy to follow maps, photographs, restaurant recommendations; snippets of history and transportation tips, this weekend guide to Melbourne takes you from Flinders Street Station, to South Melbourne Markets, St Kilda, Richmond and the quirky streets of Fitzroy; a snapshot of some of the best that Melbourne has to offer.

So take a chance on this southern city and discover Australia's cutlural home. You may never want to leave!