A Weekend Snapshot of Sydney
A Weekend Snapshot of Sydney
A Weekend Snapshot of Sydney

Suzie May

A Weekend Snapshot of Sydney

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Sydney is a must stop destination when visiting Australia, with its deep blue harbour, iconic opera house and landmark bridge, it's hard to pass on the nation's 'emerald city'. If you have flown or sailed in from overseas or zipped over from interstate and only have a weekend to spare, this 2-day tour will provide you with a snapshot of the best that Sydney Harbour has to offer. You've seen Sydney Harbour on postcards and you've watched Oprah present on the steps of the Opera House, now's your chance to experience the harbour for yourself; walk over it, sail across it, and sit back and admire it.

Whilst Sydney Harbour may be beautiful to look at, did you know that as the location for Australia's first colony, the harbour is also rich in history? Did you also know that there are several islands scattered around the harbour that can be easily visited for day trips the whole family can enjoy? Even if you have lived in Sydney all your life, this itinerary will show you areas you may never have considered exploring for yourself.

Have you ever wondered at the little fort in the middle of the harbour? This trip will take you to Fort Denison, dispel the many myths surrounding it, and inform you about its real history.

Did you ever wonder how many men it took to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or how many litres of paint were required to protect it? Heard the story of how the Harbour Bridge was officially opened? You may have driven over the bridge many times before, but do you really know the true story behind it?

What about Cockatoo Island, did you realise you can have BBQs there, or even camp the night? This itinerary will tell you how to get there and lead you to learn more about its convict heritage.

Sydney is Australia's most popular city and this itinerary aims to show you why.

With the Weekend Snapshot of Sydney you can:

  • walk across Sydney's Coathanger;
  • explore behind the scenes of the Sydney Opera House;
  • have lunch in the middle of the harbour;
  • sail into Sydney's convict past; and
  • taste some of Australia's native delicacies.

Get ready to explore the oldest areas of the city in the Rocks district on Day One, before sailing the seas to Fort Denison for lunch with a view. With an afternoon stroll across the famous Harbour Bridge, we will visit the northern harbour suburbs and the smiling clown of Luna Park, before treating ourselves to a relaxing drink and dinner dining on some local cuisine. On Day Two, we start the day in a garden oasis before hitting the harbour again to further explore Sydney's convict past at Cockatoo Island. Lunch on the harbour is followed by a dash of culture at the Sydney Opera House and a relaxed evening of food and drinks on the harbour's edge.

Filled with easy to follow maps, photographs, restaurant recommendations; snippets of history and transportation tips, this weekend guide to Sydney takes you behind the scenes of the harbour's best known attractions; a snapshot of the best the city has to offer. With attractions located in close proximity to each other around Circular Quay, there is no need to deal with public buses or trains. Instead, explore the harbour by foot and ferry and take the opportunity to relax whilst you learn. You'll be amazed at how much information can be packed in to such a small area!