Amsterdam 3-Day Alternative Tour: Not just the Red Light District
Amsterdam 3-Day Alternative Tour: Not just the Red Light District
Amsterdam 3-Day Alternative Tour: Not just the Red Light District

Aly Coy

Amsterdam 3-Day Alternative Tour: Not just the Red Light District

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This is an itinerary for the backpacker on a budget or the young at heart. The tour covers the alternative side of Amsterdam with squats, coffee shops, cool museums, biking to windmills and brewery tours but also includes the must sees of the city. Not only will you get a walking tour for three days, but I've also included night activities for all three nights!

Amsterdam can be an overwhelming city. It's easy to get lost and not know where to begin when it comes to sightseeing. With my detailed maps and explanations you'll know exactly where to go and see all the hidden gems the city has to offer, like an old Dutch liquor tasting room, the biggest flea market in Amsterdam and beautiful parks just outside the city center. 

Save time and money with this tour, get away from the overpriced touristy shops and restaurants. With two days of walking and one of biking there's no need for costly cabs, trams or busses. 

Locals never spend time in the Red Light District, yet for most travelers it's the only thing they see! With this tour you'll get the true Dutch experience with non-touristy spots and a chance to meet the locals. Learn fun facts from an experienced tour guide while experiencing the best the city has to offer.

Samples from Itinerary 

"Jenever is a traditional alcoholic drink from the 1600s. The way to drink it is to have the shot sitting on the bar, and with no hands sipping the almost overflowing bubble of liquid, (more civilized than Spring Break style though). From there it’s sipped to enjoy the range of flavors. This pub’s décor is from the 16th century, and has a distillery, workshops and tasting rooms. Not only is the name of the pub itself humorous (Wynandfockink), but each mixture has its own name and character. One example is Bride’s Tears and a personal favorite is Half and Half, originally a mistake in the factory until they tried it!" 

"Look for the small plaque to commemorate Henry Hudson's explorative journey in 1609 where he discovered Nieuw Amsterdam, which is now known as New York. Fun fact: there's a Dutch saying "iets voor een appel en een ei verkopen," that translates to, "to buy something for an apple and an egg," something was sold for a very low price. In a settlement treaty in 1667 with the English, the Dutch traded New York for Surinam, in South America, and the nickname for New York of The Big Apple was born (which has a better ring to it than The Big Egg)."

Picking the wrong museum can be a big waste of time and money; with this tour you'll see the Ann Frank Huis, Resistance Museum, a modern art photography museum, and more! 

You'll have three action-packed days to feel completely satisfied with your Amsterdam experience- and if you're not satisfied with the tour, Unanchor offers a full refund. 

Enjoy your time in Amsterdam! 

-Aly Coy

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