An Insider’s Guide to Toronto: Explore the City Less Traveled in Three Days
An Insider’s Guide to Toronto: Explore the City Less Traveled in Three Days
An Insider’s Guide to Toronto: Explore the City Less Traveled in Three Days

Julie Cao

An Insider’s Guide to Toronto: Explore the City Less Traveled in Three Days

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This three-day itinerary is not merely a revelation of Toronto’s many lesser-known and less-traveled places, but also a journey to discover what makes Toronto so special and vibrant.

All the places listed on this itinerary are carefully selected from the author’s firsthand experience, so I will bring you along on the journey and we can discover the beauty of Toronto together. A Torontonian may not find most places surprising, but a world traveler and Toronto newbie who is interested in culture, art, history, and landscapes will be thrilled to discover less-explored and affordable (even free) places that offer fascinating sites and rich culture.

What destination highlights will you see in Toronto?

Specifically, this itinerary will guide you to discover:

  • Famous museums featuring contemporary Canadian art
  • The longest street in North America
  • Parks and beaches with free admission
  • The best place to have Japanese ramen, Greek food, French food, and steak
  • A free and secret lookout offering one of the most scenic views of the city

What does your Toronto itinerary include?

Information about public transport, detailed maps and directions, prices for sites and restaurants, and night activities have also been included in this itinerary.

Are you right for this Toronto travel itinerary?

In this itinerary, I aim to inspire and empower fellow visitors of Toronto to travel further and deeper, and get to know more about this interesting city, rather than just scanning the surface of a few tourist attractions. I also share the tried-and-true tips for using public transport, scouting for affordable meals, and visiting other nearby cities. Toronto is a multicultural city - there are so many people to meet, so many international communities to visit, and many adventures that await. Read this guide, check out this city, and explore the most interesting places in Toronto.

Why should you buy this Toronto travel guide?

This guide will take the effort out of your Toronto planning, leaving you free to focus on the amazing sights that will make this a trip to remember!

Each Unanchor travel guide is an itinerary curated by a local and includes a detailed planned timeline of sights to go see, maps & directions between each sight, as well as insider tips.

The research work is literally already done for you. You just grab the guide and go start exploring now. No need to spend hours of time opening dozens of websites or getting buried under a pile of guidebooks and maps. It's like having a personal tour guide in your pocket but with the freedom to explore on your own and without the cost!


At $4.99, the itinerary will pay for itself the first time you follow my advice on dining and traveling destinations. If you are unhappy with the itinerary for any reason, Unanchor provides a full refund. What are waiting for, get this guide and go explore Toronto!