Art and Culture in Ubud, Bali – 1-Day Highlights
Art and Culture in Ubud, Bali – 1-Day Highlights
Art and Culture in Ubud, Bali – 1-Day Highlights

Ray Montgomery

Art and Culture in Ubud, Bali – 1-Day Highlights

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  • This itinerary is the ideal introduction to Ubud, Bali and it's amazing culture.
  • You get to see all the evocative sights, fabulous art venues and photogenic traditional village life.
  • All the attractions are centrally located and just minutes apart on foot, making it a leisurely, hassle free walking tour.
  • It is the ultimate companion for lovers of Bali’s exotic art and history along with some breathtaking scenery and a little fun for youngsters too.

Sights & places you'll see with this itinerary:

  • Shop until you drop in Ubud’s frenetic art market
  • Admire some of Southeast Asia’s most celebrated art collections
  • Explore Ubud’s undulating rice paddy fields
  • Step back in time in Ubud’s majestic Royal Palace and its ornate Hindu temples
  • Savor delicious Balinese specialties in arty street cafes
  • Discover artistic hidden gems that few tourists see
  • Walk on the wild side’ at the famous Sacred Monkey Forest
  • Browse for unique handmade trinkets, wood carvings and inspiring artwork.
  • Be entertained with a performance of an iconic Balinese dance drama.

The Main Focus of this itinerary:

  1. Shows you how to get between sights easily on foot with detailed maps, and meticulous walking instructions; it is virtually impossible to get lost!
  2. Offers a comprehensive background to each attraction with photographs and more detailed visitor information than most other guidebooks.
  3. Provides many essential time and money saving tips to get the very most out of your one day walking tour.

Why You Should Buy The Guide

  • It saves you time and energy choosing what to see and do in Ubud. What not to miss and tourist traps to avoid. I will also show you the hidden places that very few visitors get to see so no additional research is needed.
  • How to immerse yourself in a little local culture and save money with insightful tips.

What does the itinerary include?

  • 21-page PDF document
  • Photos, detailed maps and specific walking directions for every landmark
  • My contact details for any further questions or advice while you are in Ubud

Itinerary Table of Contents:

  • How to Use This Guide
  • Art and Culture in Ubud, Bali 1-day Highlights – A full day walking tour with detailed maps, directions, up to date opening times and admission prices. It is a detailed art and culture based itinerary with lots to see and fascinating activities for all ages.
  • Transportation Tips – I show you how to get to and from the town with the minimum of fuss. I also offer hints for avoiding the crowds and traffic congestion and insider tips for getting the very cheapest transport prices.
  • Restaurants – Recommendations for the finest places to dine in Ubud. 
  • Other Places to See -- If you've got extra time in Ubud, I highlight and recommend a great range of other activities and attractions in the area, especially rewarding for families.
  • About the Author -- Information about myself and how to contact me if you have additional questions or feedback.

Here is a small taste of what to expect in this itinerary. The actual itinerary includes many more pictures and maps.


Walk Through Ubud Rice Fields

Now for something completely different. Ubud is surrounded by verdant rice fields which have been inspiring its artisans for centuries. You are going to see some amazing emerald green vistas which stretch as far as the horizon in every direction, yet is just a short 20 minute stroll from the bustle of Ubud Main Street.

As you start walking up Jalan Kajeng you are stepping over street art in its purest form. Each of the hundreds of paving stones have been ‘sponsored’ by local businesses and individuals decorated with their own unique messages and philosophical musings.

It offers a compelling insight into Bali and particularly Ubud through the eyes of other visitors. On the way to the rice fields you will pass some lovely boutiques and quaint rustic bungalows and best of all, it is car free. It gradually meanders out into open countryside and the views really are spectacular. You can stroll through the knee length grass at your leisure and if you like, find a shady spot for a picnic. Notice the small offerings left at the side of each rice paddy to ensure the gods provide a good harvest and each section has its own little homemade shrine for prayers. Local farmers working the fields are generally unfazed by inquisitive visitors and are usually more than happy to have their photo taken.

Local’s Tip:  Take plenty of liquid refreshment with you and a hat as the sun’s rays are still strong at this time of day.

Head back the way you came and turn left onto Ubud Main Street again. Continue walking for another five minutes until you reach Ubud Royal Palace. Cross the street and turn right down Monkey Forest Road. It is a brisk 20 walk until you reach the sacred Monkey Forest.  It is all downhill from here and there are numerous interesting sights along the way.

Sacred Monkey Forest

This road is the center of Ubud’s famed dining scene and also boasts a few trendy bars. Stop off for a refreshing juice if the heat gets a little too much. You will also pass dozens of quaint boutiques and art shops along the way and yet more fabulous modern art galleries. Zarong (Monkey Forest Road, tel: 0361 977601, hours 09:00am – 8:00pm) is a great place to browse for outlandish and affordable fashions in vibrant colors. Alamakara (Monkey Forest Road, tel: 0361 972213, hours 10:00 – 8:00pm) offers fine art jewelry using gold, silver and pearl in traditional ethnic designs. 

If you have kids with you, they are sure to be impatient for a little fun by now and will not be disappointed. The Sacred Monkey Forest lies at the foot of Monkey Forest Road, set in an ancient forest guarded by over 200 mischievous macaque monkeys.

Local’s Tip: If you would like to feed the monkeys, buy a bunch of bananas at one of the grocery stores well before you get to the entrance as the onsite fruit sellers here charge a small fortune.

The Monkey Forest is a compact area of dense primary rain forest filled with playful primates always on the lookout for food. Stroll along the pathways winding through thick forest featuring impressive tropical flora and species such as Javanese Kingfishers, small monitor lizards and flying foxes. The whole scenery is especially attractive during late afternoon in fading light. The macaque monkeys are in fact revered by locals and are considered the true guardians of the forest’s sacred Hindu temples. There is also an enclosure of rare Java deer situated at the back of the forest. Despite its popularity, there are plenty of hidden corners to relax in complete silence and watch the monkeys at play.

Local’s Tip: Keep a tight hold of all your belongings, cameras and bags included, as these charming little creatures are all expert thieves! Stay close to small children too as their antics can be a little frightening at times.

There are three ancient temples here – see one of the onsite wardens, dressed in traditional Balinese costume who will give you a free personal guided tour of the gothic looking ‘Temple of the Dead’ as long as no ceremonies are taking place


Who is this guide for?

  • First time visitors to Ubud with a penchant for exotic art, history and culture.
  • If you only have one day in Ubud, this is the perfect flexible walking tour; there is no more than one hour walking in total, so you can spend as much or as little time at each attraction as you wish.

I guarantee you will have a great time on this Ubud walking tour!  If you're not happy with the tour itinerary, Unanchor will gladly refund your money. (See below for additional details.)

Cover Image Credit: Chris Walker Innerwealth