Athens 3-Day Highlights Tour Itinerary
Athens 3-Day Highlights Tour Itinerary
Athens 3-Day Highlights Tour Itinerary


Athens 3-Day Highlights Tour Itinerary

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Athens is the city of history. Wherever you walk you will feel the historic importance of its monument and the living history of the locals themes and traditions. It is one of the oldest capitals in the World. In this itinerary you will find info about Athens World famous monuments but also some lesser known places from the Middle age and modern years. Birthplace of Democracy, theatre, architecture, Athens is the place where you would follow the footsteps of Socrates, Platon and Aristotle.  Nowadays a modern metropolis vivid and alive that never sleeps. Hosting an endless variety of galleries, hotels, bars and restaurants. It is a city that will amaze you for its glorious past but furthermore for its potential present.

Sights & places you'll see with this itinerary:

  • Acropolis monuments
  • Ancient agora and surroundings
  • Archaelogical pedestrian paths and directions.
  • Hills of Athens
  • Museums of Athens
  • Gazi nightlife
  • Presidential guards at Syntagma square
  • Panathenaikon Olympic Stadium
  • Presidential Palace
  • Ermou shopping Street
  • Plaka old historical neighborhood
  • Enjoy the famous greek cuisine in some of the best restaurants and taverns
  • and much more!

What does the itinerary include:

  • 19 maps and walking directions for each place you will visit
  • Tips for hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, transportation, tickets.
  • My contact information for any additional help or advice you will need.
  • Information and details about Athens beach coast (other places to visit).
  • Hyperlinks to make your navigation to PDF file easy. 
  • Numerous pictures to help you know what not to miss

Itinerary Table of Contents:

  • How to Use This Guide
  • Transportation Tips on getting around Athens
  • Restaurants -- General recommendations on finding great places to eat
  • The 3-day highlights itinerary -- I provide a detailed itinerary with activites, times and specific instructions.
  • Other Places to See -- If you've got extra time in Athens, I highlight and recommend different areas that didn't make the cut into the 3-day itinerary.
  • About the Author -- Information about myself and how to contact me if you have additional questions.

Why you should buy this Guide instead of another?

  • All the information is current and updated.
  • Suggestions, tips and itinerary is made by a local who lives in the city.
  • In this itinerary you will go to locals places, beyond the tourist traps.
  • Includes suggestions for places and locations ideal for photography.
  • Save time and go to the places worth seeing and doing.

Who is this guide for?

  • The first or second time visitor of Athens who wants to receive experiences and knowledge from its travel. 
  • People who enjoy walking around a city

Sample From the Itinerary

This is a sample of the itinerary. The actual itinerary includes additional pictures and maps.


Gazi area

Gazi (gas in Greek) took its name from the old gas station used to provide electricity to the city 60 years ago. Now the factory is a museum of modern art and concert hall. The area is unique and vibrant. To some this may feel like a loud chaotic experience. After 9:00 pm the hundreds of bars and clubs of the area are packed with thousands of young people. Since opening Kerameikos station 5 years ago, the area has been the place to be and the dodgy feeling of the past has been replaced by the fastest developing area of Athens city.

Take the metro and stop at Kerameikos metro station (using the 24 hour 4 euro ticket you bought in the morning). Exit at Konstantinoupoleos street and turn right at Konstantinoupoleos. At number 68, you’ll find Asty 68 restaurant.

Local’s Tip: Asty 68 serves organic food from small organic farms. Order the local sausages and enjoy the local beer served in plastic bottle. It also has a very good platter of Greek cheeses. This is a good opportunity to taste a selection of different local cheeses, most of them low fat and tasteful.

After dinner head back to Kerameikos station and walk on the vertical street of Konstantinoupoleos called Voutadon (see the map above of Kerameikos metro station). It is a very loud street with endless bars and clubs. At the corner, Voutadon and Iakhou Street is Gazarte, a multi entertainment project with a gallery, cinema, bar restaurant and a club. Go up to the terrace (tarazza) and enjoy your drinks looking at the Gazi area below and the modern architecture structure of Gazi building in front of you.
Check out their informative website to look for events and happenings during the dates you are going to be in Athens.  (pictures, links and maps are providing in the itinerary)


Let me show you my city and guide you through this itinerary to the places that make Athens unique.

Wish you a great city break to Athens! Have a great time!