Bath: An Exploring Guide - 2-Day Itinerary
Bath: An Exploring Guide - 2-Day Itinerary
Bath: An Exploring Guide - 2-Day Itinerary

Dan Hunt

Bath: An Exploring Guide - 2-Day Itinerary

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We all already know Bath is a beautiful city, so come and visit us to find out why! 'Bath: An Exploring Guide' is a must have guide to the beautiful city of Bath, comprising all of the unmissable tourist destinations with some of the best hidden discoveries the city has to offer. Great value for money, this guide also comprehensively breaks down the best places to eat and drink in the city, and a host of different evening entertainment. 

Approved by local businesses, the guide also highlights the best free attractions Bath has to offer, including a series of detailed maps to tread the footsteps trodden by Romans to the Royal Family.

Written with pride by a local expert born in the city (quite literally, although that's another story...), this guide offers unrivalled attention to detail about the magical city of Bath. If you have any questions or queries please let me know; I am always looking to improve my guides and answer questions where I can help!

For beer lovers

Highlights of this Itinerary:

  • Tred 2,000 year old footsteps in The Roman Baths
  • Bath Abbey, including how to climb the tower!
  • The Best Undercover Markets
  • Free Attractions: From Museums of Modern Art
  • Fashion Museums, from Royal Dresses to Jane Austen
  • Georgian Architecture
  • Bath's Best Home-Grown Ales and proper West Country Cider
  • Book and Antique Shops
  • Detailed Maps and Pictures
  • The Royal Crescent
  • The Circus
  • Bath's Most Famous Residents (not in person...)
  • Hidden artwork painted on city walls
  • The best tips for discounts to Bath's most popular attractions!
  • Evening Entertainment
  • No need for extensive pre-planning, or to join expensive tour guides
  • Day Trips beyond Bath, to Stonehenge, Bristol and beyond
  • A compiled directory of the BEST cafes, pubs and restaurants in the city
  • And so more more...

Why Should You Buy This Guide?

Because it's an excellent value alternative to others, written by a local expert proud to showcase the finest aspects of my favourite city! In addition, this guide is much more thorough than published travel guides, such as the Lonely Planet, produce.

In addition, this guide is currently priced cheaper than the Single Fare on a Bath Tour Bus alone, and offers a much more personal account of the magical city.

Who is this Guide for?

Everyone! This guide has been written to suit everyone, providing information to be flexible for what you want to visit in Bath! In addition, the guide contains contact details and favourite spots of the author; I am more than willing to help answer any questions where I can!

Best Wishes!