Beijing Must Sees, Must Dos, Must Eats - 3-Day Tour Itinerary
Beijing Must Sees, Must Dos, Must Eats - 3-Day Tour Itinerary
Beijing Must Sees, Must Dos, Must Eats - 3-Day Tour Itinerary

Heike Kagler

Beijing Must Sees, Must Dos, Must Eats - 3-Day Tour Itinerary

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Welcome to the bustling, interesting, ever changing, yet charming city of Beijing (北京), one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals and the heart of the People's Republic of China!

Beijing in three days is tough, there’s a lot to see and do and one could easily spend two full weeks without getting bored. That’s why, for your short three days in Beijing, the itinerary concentrates on the cultural/historical Beijing. See the city from a local’s point of view and see some of the best parts of this massive metropolis. There’ll be a lot of walking; don’t worry though, I arranged the itinerary for maximum comfort while keeping your budget in mind. Trust me, I’ve been living here for over 10 years. I know my city.

Who is this guide for?

Budget-conscious first-time visitors to Beijing who want it all:

  • Visit the best of Beijing’s must sees and experience some of the best of local cuisine, culture, shopping, and party
  • Get an introduction to cultural/traditional Beijing as well as a look at its modern side
  • Up-to-date information and local insight
  • Avoid “so-called” must sees
  • Avoid wasting time on research, running from A to C rather than A to B, and worrying about getting lost
  • Additional tips and suggestions for those who stay in Beijing one or two days longer

Itinerary Table of Contents: 

  • How to use this guide
  • About the author
  • Before you go
  • The 3-Day Itinerary
  • Transportation tips
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Money – ATMs, credit cards, & the currency
  • Getting into the city
  • Useful local phrases
  • Nightlife
  • Additional websites for information
  • Other places to see
  • Random tips

Itinerary includes:
Get a solid overview of Beijing city, visit Beijing’s ancient and current centers of power as well as Beijing’s most beautiful sites and historic alleys, enjoy the best of local cuisine, fun shopping, and evening entertainment.

MUST SEES - Sights & places you'll see with this itinerary: 

  • Tian An Men Square – current center of power and historic relevance
  • Qian Men Area - little shops, markets, and snack foods
  • The Forbidden City – Imperial Palace
  • Jingshan Park – one of the imperial gardens, aerial view of The Forbidden City
  • The Great Wall – Mu Tian Yu section
  • The Summer Palace – royal garden and summer resort of Empress Dowager Cixi
  • Temple of Heaven – wonders of Taoist architecture, site of annual prayer ceremonies by the emperor
  • Wang Fu Jing – Beijing’s show-off pedestrian street, Dong Hua Men Night Market, Wang Fu Jing Snack Street
  • Ghost Street – Beijing’s most famous food street
  • Lama Temple – the largest lamasery in China and one of the most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the world
  • Beijing’s Hutongs - expansive labyrinth of age-old hutongs (traditional alleys and courtyard neighborhoods typical for Beijing) and sites in the area: Guozijian imperial college, Confucius Temple – second largest Confucian temple in China, Drum Tower & Bell Tower – the highest buildings of old Beijing, Shichahai lakes, Beijing’s most popular Beihai Park and the most popular hutong: Nanluoguxiang

MUST DOS - Activities you’ll enjoy with this itinerary:

  • Urban Planning Museum  - For a fascinating overview of Beijing City 
  • Traditional Chinese Massage - Enjoy a relaxing Chinese traditional medicine massage at Dragonfly
  • Pearl market – Test your bargaining skills at one of Beijing’s main fake markets
  • Laoshe Teahouse – for a Chinese culture program of Beijing Opera to acrobatics, Kung Fu, and Cross-talk

MUST EATS - Great eats with this itinerary:

  • Best of Chinese cuisine from famous Beijing Roast Duck and Chinese dumplings to minority cuisine, upscale fusion, and the best of Chinese and typical Beijing street and snack foods. (Food suggestions matched with your walking-routes.)

 Itinerary Features:

  • 43-page PDF document
  • Bilingual location names & addresses, incl. useful phrases and mini-guide to Chinese mandarin pronunciation (Chinese character font: SimSun)
  • Complete with descriptions and background information, pictures, overview maps, and customized walking-routes/ detail maps for a clear overview of the area you’re in, pointing out the destinations and directions, and arrows clearly marking which way to walk
  • Insider information where applicable and numerous extra tips and suggestions to give you options for a possible 4th and 5th day in Beijing, if you have the time
  • My contact information if you have any additional questions or need support while you're in Beijing as well as for your welcome feedback about the itinerary.