Belgrade: 7 Days of History on Foot
Belgrade: 7 Days of History on Foot
Belgrade: 7 Days of History on Foot

Constance a. Dunn

Belgrade: 7 Days of History on Foot

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You live on the edge, have a penchant for strange history and you're the hippest cat around. Let's face it, big crowds of tourists aren't your thing but a beer with a local is, then it's off to Belgrade for you my friend. 

You've read some books and you've taken some classes, but you won't know the history of Belgrade until you've seen it with your own eyes. This is the tour for you. Student? Wandering artist? Budget traveler? No worries, every site is either free or under $5. 

A city divided not just by the convergence of the Danube, but by the ideology of the people. At least that is how this former Yugoslav capital is portrayed in the media, but how could the media qualify a city with over a thousand years of history? Each neighborhood in the eclectic metropolis stands as an emblem to Belgrade’s past: whether it is the commandeered communist structures, the Ottoman Empire neighborhood of Dorchol, the old Austro-Hungarian village of Zemun, WWII occupation or the ruins of NATO bombings, the city stands as a meeting point between the deceased empires of East and West. 

This itinerary will give you a skeleton plan for a history-themed walking tour through the “White City.” Remember that Belgrade’s history is built upon itself and to get some perspective on the realities of what’s happened here, you must leave the beaten path from time to time; because much of the beauty history left behind is displayed to the public, but the more recent stories of the city’s people is spray-painted on the walls down side streets, or discussed in kafanas over rakija. So, some itinerary days will give you the grand tour, while others will lead you down the road less traveled. And perhaps, after the tour, you’ll be able to understand the complexities of living in a world where a turbulent past is a present reality.

  • Almost every attraction is free or under $5.
  • Before starting your tour, remember that there are two things that Serbia is famous for: its food and its people; take time with these.
  • Keep in mind that because this is a walking tour that it may need to be adjusted in cases of bad weather.
  • The tour covers historical neighborhoods in Belgrade; however, there are some historical sites that are not within walking distance of these neighborhoods. I will suggest some alternative, and additional, locations in the appendix. 
  • Pack strong walking shoes.