Best of Copenhagen 2-Day Walking Itinerary
Best of Copenhagen 2-Day Walking Itinerary
Best of Copenhagen 2-Day Walking Itinerary

Katherine Sazdanoff

Best of Copenhagen 2-Day Walking Itinerary

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Copenhagen is Scandinavia’s brightest star with brilliant museums and historical sites, lively urban parks, and tasty restaurants galore.  And, it’s easy to navigate on foot.  For active first-time visitors, interested in exploring the city’s major art and design sites and in the know local parks and restaurants, the Best of Copenhagen 2-Day Walking Itinerary is for you!

You will 

Visit world-class art and design museums including the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Art Museum, Denmark's National Art Gallery and the National Design Museum.

Dine at local restaurants and cafes with plenty of opportunities to taste classic Scandinavian dishes (pickled herring, anyone?).

See the city's sites from a unique vantage point on a Canal Boat Tour.

Visit renowned cultural and historical sites such as Rosenborg Castle, Amalienborg Palace and the Marble Church.

Relax with locals at everyone's favorite outdoor park.

Itinerary Features

Detailed walking directions including maps and pictures.

In the know restaurant and cafe recommendations, and tips on what to order.

All types of advice on planning your trip - including how to get to Copenhagen from the airport, tips on how to save money on sites, and lodging recommendations for all budgets.

Who is this guide for?

First time visitors to Copenhagen who appreciate history, art and design.

Active, independent-minded travelers who enjoy walking.

Travelers on a low to moderate budget.