Best of Warsaw 2-Day Itinerary
Best of Warsaw 2-Day Itinerary
Best of Warsaw 2-Day Itinerary

Jakub Rybicki

Best of Warsaw 2-Day Itinerary

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Most tourists just pass Warsaw by on their way to splendid Cracow or the charming seaport Gdansk. They listen to opinions of many Poles who say their capital is ugly. Well guess what, IT'S NOT TRUE! :)

Warsaw may not be the most beautiful city in Poland, but it certainly is the most interesting, not only in our country but in the whole of Central Europe! Young, creative, hipster, with thriving culture, dozens of festivals, crowded pubs on every corner, and quiet places to hide from the city buzz.

Did you know that Warsaw is the only capital in Europe with an unregulated river shore? Instead of concrete, Paris-like coast, you have nice, yellow-sand beaches and wild bushes around them with some magical places to see the sunset.

If you want to experience the real Warsaw, and understand why locals love it so much, this itinerary is for you!

You cannot feel the city spirit without knowing about it's tragic past. Did you know that in early 1945 there were only about 1000 inhabitants living in the ruins of what used to be a 1 million person city? We do not like to talk about it too often, but this is the reason that we believe our city is unique. But don't worry about the history, our itinerary is well balanced between past, present, and future. :)

I recommend the best touristic spots, favored especially by Warsovians, the most popular clubs, and eateries. Not too many museums, no churches – you can find them in any typical guidebook. Following the route provided, after two days you'll feel in Warsaw like at home.

This itinerary is for anybody's pocket, as Poles are very good in money saving. :) Although as every capital, Warsaw is more expensive than other cities in Poland, it's still very cheap compared to the West. What's more, I'll give you tips how to communicate fast and for free. :)