Boston 2-Day Historic Highlights Itinerary
Boston 2-Day Historic Highlights Itinerary
Boston 2-Day Historic Highlights Itinerary

Sarah Prager

Boston 2-Day Historic Highlights Itinerary

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So, you want to get to know Boston. Not a formal handshake, but an in-depth conversation. "Hi, Boston! Tell me about yourself." You know that it is the birthplace of so much of United States history -- Paul Revere's midnight ride, the Boston Tea Party, the Great Molasses Flood of 1919. You didn't know about that last one? That's why you need this insider's guided itinerary. Maybe you don't think of yourself as the history buff type, but if you saw Paul Revere's house you would get excited to see the actual place he lived. You can be any age, with kids or without, student or not... Best of all, this itinerary fits any budget. Groups, couples, individuals, families - I've included tips just for you.

This self-guided walking tour will take you around the best of Boston and Cambridge. It does not simply follow the Freedom Trail, but goes off of it to experience all of the greatest monuments and meals Boston has to offer. Sights include:

  • Paul Revere's House
  • Massachusetts State House
  • Faneuil Hall
  • Charles River
  • Old City Hall
  • Copley Square
  • Boston Harbor
  • Harvard University
  • Old North Church
  • USS Constitution
  • and more... all in 2 days!

The tour is heavy on walking because it is the best way to experience the city. Everything is close together and the narrow streets wind around in a way that would make you wish you were walking if you did have a car. If this physically isn't possible for you, taxis and subway can be substituted in many cases. (There is one taxi ride and one subway ride built in to Day 2.)

Restaurant recommendations, historical background, and insider tips are all included. Maybe you've heard you should go to the North End area for Italian pastries, but you don't know where or what to get. Maybe you know that Copley Square is a major plaza of Boston, but you don't know what to look at when you're there. This itinerary I've prepared for you can help. I lived in four different neighborhoods of Boston between 2004 and 2012 and I have been regularly visiting my family there before and after that 8-year span as well. It is my favorite place on Earth and I can't wait to share it with you.

If you like beautiful waterfront vistas, quirky tour guides, green spaces, shopping opportunities, unparalleled Italian food and seafood, and strolls along cobblestones, welcome to your Boston and Cambridge itinerary. Enjoy!