Bristol in 2 Days: A Local's Guide
Bristol in 2 Days: A Local's Guide
Bristol in 2 Days: A Local's Guide

Rosa Lia

Bristol in 2 Days: A Local's Guide

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Bristol is home of the street artist Banksy, as well as of the studios that made Wallace and Gromit. It is known for its underground culture including its graffiti and DJ scene, as well as for its quiet Victorian Squares and Georgian architecture. You can fly straight in, or get a train or bus from London. It's only a 12 minute train ride from Bath.

For the first time visitor to the city, this guide fits both those who like to wander as well as those who like schedule. It allows both time to explore and be spontaneous, as well as giving a route through the city with maps, that means you only get lost if you want to.

This itinerary suits people who like to explore a city by foot - to take the time to stop in all the places that catch their eye. It suits all ages and budgets, though extreme budget travellers might want to look into Couchsurfing to cut down costs. As it was written by a local, the different walking routes are all tried and tested many times. It also includes details about using the local currency, Bristol Pound, which gives the reader a real gateway into finding independent and local businesses as well as supporting more sustainable travel.

All the places included try to take you inside Bristol's culture, both through its history and its present. You'll see landmarks like the Suspension Bridge, as well as local cafes, bars and shops like those in Clifton Village and Gloucester Road. Hopefully you'll get chatting to locals while eating pie at St Nicholas Market or drinking cider on The Apple. Meanwhile, practical information about prices, times, and contact details is alongside maps and suggested routes through the city.

This itinerary is written by a Bristol native and includes major sites, places visited by locals, and ideas for seasonally variable activities. It covers from morning on day one, with nightlife suggestions, through to early evening on day two. There are further suggestions in the appendix for what to do if you have more time. My email address is in the appendix, so you'll be able to contact me with any questions! To accompany the itinerary, you'll find:

  • History and cultural information (including Bristolian slang!)
  • Maps
  • When to go
  • Information on public transportation
  • Photos
  • A guide to using the local currency: Bristol Pound £B
  • Accommodation suggestions
  • A Bristol music playlist
  • Famous Bristolians

All of the writer's profits will go to the charity Survival International, who work to protect the rights of tribal peoples. Seeing as the guide is about my home, it seems appropriate that it should help other people keep theirs. 

Places included:

*Clifton Suspension Bridge

A landmark that has come to symbolize the city, placed over the Avon Gorge.

*Cabot Tower

Named after the explorer John Cabot, this tower gives wide views over the city.

*Clifton Village

A Georgian suburb with quiet squares, cafes and boutique shops.


A museum in itself, this area is a link to the history's past, while being alive with bars and cultural activities.

*Gloucester Road

Not typically a touristy area, there's ever changing street art and a series of independent shops.

*Restaurants and cafes

The city is becoming ever more ethnically diverse, and alongside Indian or Lebanese, you'll find traditional pub food and pies.

*St Nicholas Market

The city's oldest market, with food, clothes, flowers and souvenirs.


From chilled out jazz nights or theatre, to all night clubbing.


-- Free Sample: Please note in the purchased guide you will also find maps and photography --

Gloucester Road
  • Price: GBP £5.00 (for a single adult)
  • Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Address: Gloucester Road BS7

Gloucester Road is home of the independent Bristol. Not usually a tourist stop, but full of local culture. You'll find street art, especially if you wander off onto Jamaica Street, vintage clothing, arty cafes, tattoo parlours, and people going about their daily lives.

Visit Bristol describes it as, "And as for the shopping, you might find yourself heading home with a new piano, on the back of a new bike, a picture frame around your neck, whilst carefully balancing some locally produced bone china, and munching organically grown radishes."

At the beginning of the road, you’ll find The People's Republic of Stokes Croft. It’s a collection of artists and independent businesses working together for Bristolian culture. It seeks "to promote creativity and activity in the local environment, thereby generating prosperity, both financial and spiritual."

With all the independent shops along, it's a great place to spend your Bristol Pounds. You can even get out some more at The Gallimaufry‎ Address: 26-28 The Promenade. Gloucester Road. Bristol. BS7 8AL

Just a little further up, is La Ruca: a health food shop with a café upstairs. Hot chocolate or coffee with churros costs £2. It’s also a good place to practice Spanish as many of the staff are Latin American. There are also Spanish/ English language exchange nights on Mondays 18:30 - 20:00

If you stay into the evening and want some live music, then 6 days a week you'll find it at The Golden Phone: 0117 924 6449; Address: 244 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8NZ

And if you've had a particularly memorable time in Bristol, you can get a tattoo at The Tattoo Studio; Phone: 0117 907 7407; Address: 232 Cheltenham Rd  Bristol BS6 5QU

(Stokes Croft, runs onto Cheltenham Road which runs onto Gloucester Road. It's about a 20 minute walk from the beginning of Stokes Croft to La Ruca on Gloucester Road.)