Downtown Los Angeles 1-Day Walking Tour
Downtown Los Angeles 1-Day Walking Tour
Downtown Los Angeles 1-Day Walking Tour

Clare Auchterlonie

Downtown Los Angeles 1-Day Walking Tour

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Discover another side of Los Angeles beyond the glam and glitter of Hollywood with this walking tour of Downtown Los Angeles. We will take you through some of Los Angeles most historic sites and most interesting ones!

This itinerary will have you exploring 4 different neighborhoods and even take a short ride on Los Angeles Metro system (yes, we have one). Whether you like to eat, shop, or just admire stunning architecture, this tour contains something for everyone to discover in downtown Los Angeles.

What Los Angeles highlights will you see?

Here are just a few of the places you'll see on your walking tour of downtown LA: 


  • Central Library
  • City Hall
  • Union Station
  • ChinaTown
  • Little Tokyo
  • Millennium Biltmore Hotel
  • Restaurants, markets, historical sites, & much more

What does your downtown Los Angeles itinerary include?

  • Pictures and maps of locations to help guide you around downtown without needing a smartphone.
  • Budget friendly itinerary with the opportunity to splurge for those who want to indulge.
  • Parking recommendations.
  • Evening activities suggestions.
  • General tips about visiting Los Angeles from a local.
  • Off the beaten path suggestions from a local.
  • Suggestions on other ways to save money on your trip.
  • Lunch and dinner suggestions for every budget.
  • Ideas for those who want to explore LA nightlife further.
  • Wide range of evening activity ideas for every budget.

Are you right for this Los Angeles travel guide?

This 4-mile walking itinerary takes the work out of getting the best route so you navigate like a local and don't miss a thing!

Save money on expensive guided tours with this itinerary that focuses on the popular places of downtown Los Angeles, with a few lesser known suggestions making this itinerary suitable for travelers of any age. So make the most out of your short time in downtown LA and save hundreds of dollars doing it!


At $2.99, the itinerary will pay for itself the first time you follow the advice on dining and traveling destinations. If you are unhappy with the itinerary for any reason, Unanchor provides a full refund. What are waiting for, get this guide and go explore downtown LA!