Girls' Weekend in Bangkok: Shop, Spa, Savour, Swoon
Girls' Weekend in Bangkok: Shop, Spa, Savour, Swoon
Girls' Weekend in Bangkok: Shop, Spa, Savour, Swoon

Kaila Krayewski

Girls' Weekend in Bangkok: Shop, Spa, Savour, Swoon

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Bangkok is a fabulous place to be a woman. You can live like a princess for a quarter of what it would cost you in the West. The shopping and fashion is second to none, but you have to know where to look. The food is delicious and nutritious, and if you go to the right places, you won't believe how cheap. The entertainment is vibrant, loud, and fabulous. The pampering is second-to-none, with mani-pedis of high quality available for $7 USD, and massages for as little as $3 USD/hr. The nightlife can be anything you want – from dirt-cheap, back-alley bars, to stylish, sexy rooftops with some of Asia's tastiest cocktails, and more ladies' nights than you can count on two hands.

This guide is intended for women between the ages of 20 to 40, on a medium budget (ie. about $60 - $100 a day), and will show you how to enjoy Bangkok to its fullest, outlining the best shopping spots, spas and beauty salons, yummiest restaurants, and chicest bars and clubs, all using insider, local knowledge so that you can explore Bangkok like a chica-in-the-know. As is the case in Bangkok, there is very little walking involved, but loads of action!

Some places you'll be visiting include a hot club at one of Bangkok's most renowned 5-star hotels, one of Bangkok's best health spas, a massive women's fashion mall full of the latest styles for cheap, and a restaurant that not many guidebooks mention, though they really, really should!

This is a custom-built weekend just for women to have the absolute time of their lives in a city that was once ruled by men. Girls, reclaim your right to Bangkok with this one weekend that will leave you with tons of amazing memories to last a lifetime.

You'll start your weekend on Friday evening, and keep rocking until late Sunday night.

**For your hotel, I recommend staying at Lub*D Siam Square, where you can get 2 double deluxe rooms for around $35 a room. Book your room in advance here: