History, Culture, and Craic: 3 Days in Belfast, Ireland
History, Culture, and Craic: 3 Days in Belfast, Ireland
History, Culture, and Craic: 3 Days in Belfast, Ireland

Tory Black

History, Culture, and Craic: 3 Days in Belfast, Ireland

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Irish culture is known all over the world. Belfast is a rich hub of history and culture. The three days spent exploring the city showcase the best in Irish history, architecture, culture, food, and drink. Drink with the locals, taste real Irish cuisine and see the areas of the city where historic events happened. See both the best of the city and the beautiful Irish natural landscape. The history of the Troubles, the Titanic, Castles, and Hills are just a few of the places on the itinerary.

The heart of the urban scene of Belfast is covered with the best spots to hang out with the locals for some craic. Easy directions are provided for public transport if you do not want to walk. On this trip, you will meet real Irish people who offer you their story of their history and culture. Free museums, galleries, gardens, and historic buildings are included to save you money.

A detailed list of restaurants, music venues, pubs, and nightclubs is provided so you can be sure to pick which best suits your personal taste and budget.

Is it for you?

The level of activity for this trip is entirely up to you. Buses run frequently throughout the city and cover almost every possible route. Directions and easy walking routes are well mapped in the itinerary. A trip to Belfast Castle allows the more active to opt for a more strenuous walk up Cave Hill, or those who prefer a leisurely stroll can keep to the gardens and path areas. 

The museums that are free are located near shopping or garden areas to allow you more flexibility in the activity choices. If you enjoy a little bit of history and architecture, great food, and want a taste of the Irish landscape and some craic, this three day trip brings you my personal favourites Belfast has to offer. It is a guaranteed good time!

Feel free to get in touch with any questions - my email address is in the itinerary.

Sample From the Itinerary

This is a sample of the itinerary. The actual itinerary includes additional pictures and maps.

When you arrive back to the City Centre, walk to The Crown Liquor Saloon. Follow Wellington Place and turn left onto Great Victoria Street.

[map included] [photo included]

The Crown Liquor Saloon is decked out in Victorian architecture but with an underlying Irish charm. 

Tip: Try the Irish stew.

Opposite, you will see the Grand Opera House. The decor inside is worth going to see a show for alone. Beside it is the Europa. At one time, it was the most bombed building in the world.

[photo included]

Walk back to Wellington Place and take service D to the Titanic Centre.

[map included]

Yes, this is the same Titanic that tragically sank on her maiden voyage. Belfast shipyard, Harland and Wolff Heavy Industries, built the Titanic, the White Star trio, and many other ships. You can see the famous yellow shipbuilding gantry cranes in this area. They were named Samson and Goliath after the Biblical figures. These two cranes did not build the Titanic but are a focal part of the Belfast skyline.

If you ordered tickets for Titanic Belfast online or in advance, you can collect them at the booths inside. Make sure you opted for student or any other discounts that may apply to you. This can save over £5. They will ask for proof.

Afterwards, make sure to walk down to the docks outside where the Titanic was launched from.