Kolkata (Calcutta): 2 Days of Highlights
Kolkata (Calcutta): 2 Days of Highlights
Kolkata (Calcutta): 2 Days of Highlights

Chelsea Baldwin

Kolkata (Calcutta): 2 Days of Highlights

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Kolkata is one of the most historically & culturally influential cities in all of Asia.

While it’s a typical Indian city with the noise, air pollution, and narrow, crowded, sweaty side-streets, there’s an air of sophistication that hangs in the air, giving the people of Kolkata a grandeur and magnificence to be proud of.

Lots of Indian culture’s movers and shakers staked their claim on the city and left a hallmark of culture and influence that will never be removed.

The British Raj, Mother Teresa, Sir Ronald Ross, and Rabindranath Tagore (the first non-European to capture the Nobel Prize in Literature) all left their impression on Indian history, changing it forever.

During your time in Kolkata, you’ll feel the heartbeat of India. Indian culture converges here: the British influence, extreme religious devotion, and the advancement of a bustling metropolitan area.

In just two days, you’ll visit:

  • The Mother House - the place Mother Teresa set up shop & became a world-wide legend
  • The Victoria Memorial - after all, Kolkata was the seat of the British Raj during Britain’s reign in India
  • Tourist-friendly Sudder Street - a breath of fresh air after an exasperating day in a crowded Indian city
  • Chinatown - New York City, Johannesburg, Singapore, Paris, Buenos Aires, Montreal, Brisbane, Kolkata... What’s any big city without a Chinatown?
  • BBD Bagh Square - lots of cool history that’s actually interesting
  • Marble Palace - the name says it all

So, what are you waiting for?

Download the itinerary and start envisioning yourself in one of Asia’s greatest cities.