Krakow: Three-Day Tour of Poland's Cultural Capital
Krakow: Three-Day Tour of Poland's Cultural Capital
Krakow: Three-Day Tour of Poland's Cultural Capital

Paulina Stachnik

Krakow: Three-Day Tour of Poland's Cultural Capital

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Dzien dobry! Good day, and welcome to Krakow—Poland’s creative capital and named the official European Capital of Culture for the year 2000. For centuries, the city has represented and safe guarded the nation’s rich heritage and royal roots. Today, it still stands as the pillar of historical treasures, and hosts a lively scene where young and intellectual energy abounds. Oh yes, Krakow wears many hats—and looks forward to showing you a slice of its magic. Witamy, Welcome!

Krakow, Poland is still a hidden gem of Europe. Vibrant, historic, colorful, mystifying. Its winding alleys, nooks, and crannies are teeming with surprises that will delight any traveler, on any budget. The food (and beer!) is fantastic, and Cracovians will make you feel right at home with their warm hospitality and generous spirit. Culturally rich, it has been the creative hub of the old nation for thousands of years.

  • Enjoy a stroll and panoramic view.
  • Enjoy a cruise down the Wistula River.
  • Enjoy a five-course meal in a seven hundred-year-old restaurant.

This itinerary will help guide you to a variety of attractions—from landmarks to museums to in-the-know favorites. Wear comfortable shoes, there will be about an hour (total) of walking each day, allowing you to tour the city like a true local.

However you choose to spend your time, keep your eyes, ears, and—most importantly—heart open, as Krakow reveals to you her many beautiful secrets.