La Grange, Kentucky: A 3-Day Tour Itinerary
La Grange, Kentucky: A 3-Day Tour Itinerary
La Grange, Kentucky: A 3-Day Tour Itinerary

Linda Goin

La Grange, Kentucky: A 3-Day Tour Itinerary

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You might not think a small town can offer three days' worth of activities. La Grange, Kentucky, however, is a multifaceted and historic town that appeals to train spotters, horse lovers, artists, antique freaks, gardeners, golfers, anglers, hikers, and sports fans. Located just 25 miles east of downtown Louisville and 75 miles southwest of Cincinnati along I-71, this town can provide you with gorgeous accommodations, great local eateries, and plenty to see and do without ever setting foot in Louisville (unless you stay with us for the Kentucky Derby).

We developed this guide with three objectives in mind:

  1. To inform you about the best things to see and do in and around La Grange, Kentucky, along with some options for activities you may not know existed in Oldham County.
  2. To enlighten you about some La Grange history and habits.
  3. To inform you on the best and least expensive ways to enjoy activities around La Grange.

This guide is designed for physically active people as well as for foodies and shopaholics. It's a great town to enjoy with friends, with your partner, or with the entire family (La Grange is very kid friendly). Feel free to use the Appendix to mix and match your activities. For instance, if you prefer to spend all day on a horse, feel free to do so. Or, if you want to expand on your fishing or golfing plans, we can make suggestions about opportunities within a half-hour's drive.

  1. The first day focuses on trains, as La Grange is a rare bird when it comes to the train track embedded in downtown's Main Street. Unlike other towns that grew around railroad hubs, La Grange existed before the first wood-burning steam engines chugged onto La Grange's Main Street in the 1850s. Today, no passenger trains run the rails from Louisville to Cincinnati, as CSX now owns the tracks and uses them for cargo. With that said, train spotters and rail fans from around the world come to La Grange to photograph and film this spectacle. La Grange is the only town outside Oakland, California, that has tracks embedded in the middle of a main thoroughfare.
  2. The second day in La Grange is for horse lovers, along with a short round of golf. Horses were a large part of the development of La Grange and Oldham County, and they remain a part of the picture today in our Bluegrass Region of L'Esprit.
  3. The final day is for the artist in you, as we lead you around to various galleries, art venues, and studios in La Grange.

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