Lausanne 1-Day Tour Itinerary
Lausanne 1-Day Tour Itinerary
Lausanne 1-Day Tour Itinerary

Vanessa Martin randin

Lausanne 1-Day Tour Itinerary

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The Swiss love to walk and Lausanne is a city best experienced on foot. Having developed an ability to walk uphill in impractical shoes, the women in Lausanne have earned the reputation of having the best legs in Switzerland!

Having lived in the region for 10 years, Lausanne is one of my favourite cities in the country. So it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the one-day walking itinerary for Lausanne - a city where only tourists are forgiven for getting around in a comfortable pair of shoes!

Why Lausanne?

Lausanne has an understated elegance. It’s a chic, conservative city that often gets overlooked on international tours in favour of other Swiss cities like Zurich or Lucerne. Yet this is the city that is internationally recognized as the capital of the Olympic movement and its local property is sought after by the rich and famous for its location on the shores of beautiful Lake Léman.

It is convenient in its location with boats leaving regularly for France on the other side of the lake and it’s just half an hour from Geneva.

In the summer the city shows why it is known for its art de vivre and there is nothing more delicious than taking in an outdoor concert or a leisurely stroll against one of the most magnificent of backdrops you will ever find. In the winter Lausanne is one of those cities where there is nothing nicer to do than find a warm, cosy café or restaurant to have a drink or dinner.

Why this itinerary?

The itinerary is designed to take you through the main sights of downtown Lausanne. In all, there is about 2 hours of walking and I have tried where possible to include the nearest metro stop!

Dining in the city is an experience in itself and I have tried to choose restaurants that are easy on the wallet.

While Lausanne is quite a conservative city, I’ve also tried to point out it’s more quirky aspects such as the transparent public toilet in the Place du Flon and the time crier who carries out a centuries old tradition every night from 10:00pm to 2:00am. I’ve also tried to organise the walk so that you can take in some of the beautiful views of the city and the Lake Léman.

In the appendix section, I have included other useful information that I hope will reduce some of the surprise of travelling in this beautiful, yet admittedly expensive part of the world.

All that's left to say is, "Bienvenue en Suisse"!