Lesser-known Oahu in 4 Days on a Budget
Lesser-known Oahu in 4 Days on a Budget
Lesser-known Oahu in 4 Days on a Budget

Julie Cao

Lesser-known Oahu in 4 Days on a Budget

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"Great book. Lots of good info including bus routes. There were some well known places but lots of out of the way stuff." - Wanda from Goodreads

Oahu is not just a vacation destination; it offers so much more …

Who is this Oahu itinerary for?

This is not an itinerary for tourists, but for budget travelers and those keen on taking the Oahu less-traveled journey. It will inspire you to venture to the lesser-known places and provide you with useful budget saving tips.

Why should you choose this Oahu guide?

This itinerary is created based on my own experience of living in Oahu, Hawaii. I have experienced every place mentioned in this guide first-hand, so I can bring you along the journey to explore my favorite places with me.

With diverse culture, pristine ocean, rich history, lush hiking trails, year-around activities, and scrumptious food, Oahu has something for everyone. You will definitely set your feet on two of the most famous tourist areas, Waikiki and Pearl Harbor, but I am certain that through this itinerary, you will learn a lot more about Oahu and see loads of interesting places through an insider’s perspective.

What is inside this Oahu itinerary?

This four-day itinerary includes information about prices, transport, where to eat, popular water activities, and the best beaches to visit that are free of crowds. There is little information about tourist places that are expensive and does not live up to the expectations of most travelers. If you plan to visit Oahu and get to know what the island really looks like, please bring this guide with you.

Specifically, this itinerary will guide you to discover:

  • the best place to have the best pancakes, Japanese ramen, Chinese food, and Hawaiian food
  • beaches that are free of tourists
  • hiking trails offering scenic views of the island from the summit
  • a free and scenic lookout offering one of the most scenic views of the city
  • budget saving tips on food and public transport
  • extreme activities for adventure junkies
  • information about public transport, directions (maps included), prices for all sites and restaurants, local events, and nighttime activities

My email has been included in this itinerary, so do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Now, onto the first day of your Oahu trip.