Lisbon in 3 Days: Budget Itinerary
Lisbon in 3 Days: Budget Itinerary
Lisbon in 3 Days: Budget Itinerary

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Lisbon in 3 Days: Budget Itinerary

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Lisbon was founded by the Romans 2100 years ago and spreads across steep hillsides that overlook the Tagus River. Being one of the oldest cities in the world it is filled with monuments from different styles and times, but its real treasures are the traditional neighborhoods that line these hills and that is what is usually not shown in regular guide books.

In this itinerary I take you strolling around its small alleys and cobbled streets, having a glimpse of the river at every corner on one side, and S. Jorge´s castle on the other, and seeing how the city that was once considered “immovable” has managed to evolve without losing its character.

As a local (I'm Portuguese and have lived in Lisbon all my life) I can show you what is relevant to get to understand the city and separate it from what is purely for tourists eyes. I also filter all the monuments that exist to advise only the most relevant ones, so you're not wasting time and money seeing similar things several times.

The itinerary has maps for all of the neighbourhoods showing the exact path you should take and the location of all the sites/monuments  I recommend along with some pictures to give you extra orientation.

You will see/feel/taste:

  1. Lisbon´s historic and traditional neighbourhoods (Pena, Alfama, Bica, Bairro Alto, Príncipe Real, Campo de Ourique among others)
  2. Comercial and historical Downtown (Baixa and Chiado)
  3. Amazing views from several viewpoints with diferent perspectives
  4. The most relevant monuments (S. Jorge´s Castle; Carmo ruins, Sto Estevão Church, National Pantheom, Jerónimos Monastery, Belém tower and others)
  5. Some museums (Water museum, Design museum, Ancient Art museum) that reflect Lisbon's not only historical but also cultural evolution
  6. The pause for "café" and a cake
  7. The nightlife, with tips from the places where the locals hang out.
  8. Traditional and International food with tips not only for cheap and traditional restaurants but also for what to eat in them
  9. An inexpensive boat cross of the Tagus River followed by an amazing view of the entire city from the other side.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction: Arriving to the city, Getting Around, Accomodations, Practicalities, Food and Restaurants, Nightlife.
  2. Itinerary Overview
  3. Itinerary Description, with maps, pictures and step by step directions of what to see and how to get there, and also how to do more on your own, if you want to explore.
  4. Other places worth visiting inside Lisbon, for extra time and/or money.
  5. Other places worth visiting outside Lisbon, for extra time and/or money.

Who is this for:

  • First time visitors, that don't mind walking around and taking public tranports.
  • It's made with a reduced budget in mind but it's adapted for visitors that can splurge, with extra tips for monuments, accomodation and restaurants.
  • Anyone that likes to see the city through locals eyes, understanding their culture and lifestyle.