London for Free :: Three-Day Tour
London for Free :: Three-Day Tour
London for Free :: Three-Day Tour

Bobbi lee Hitchon

London for Free :: Three-Day Tour

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London might be known as one of the world’s most expensive cities, but it actually offers more free activities than most places in the world. This itinerary is designed so that you don't have to spend a penny on anything other than food and drink, though we do show you how to get free food on days one and two. It's intended for budget travelers and bargain hunters.

Enter some of London’s most-loved museums like Victoria and Albert, Natural History Museum and the National Gallery at no cost. See sights like Abbey Road and the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace for free. Learn how to get into St. Paul’s Cathedral and Houses of Parliament, two activities that usually cost over £15, for absolutely nothing. Let me take you to some monumental sites in the city that you would normally need to hire a guide or go on a tour to know about.

I even give you ways to find free theater performances, live music and comedy.

This itinerary is packed with all of London’s biggest attractions, like Shakespeare’s Globe, Harrods and Big Ben, as well as some things you might not have heard about if you’re not from here, like Regent’s Canal, the real location of the Globe Theater and Postman’s Park.

Not only will this guide lead you to the most important places in London, but it will explain the history of the city and the importance of each stop. To keep things free, this itinerary will have you walking around London instead of using the Tube. Most sights and attractions are not far from one another, but be aware that it involves a lot of walking. The tour may include a lot of walking (about three miles per day), but it won't feel that way as we'll be stopping by several sights and activities.

I recommend doing this tour in the Spring, Summer or Autumn, as it will have you outdoors a lot, but it can also be used in the Winter with slight modifications. The itinerary is designed to help you fit in as much as possible over three days, but feel free to change it to fit your needs.

Beyond learning how to tour London for free, I offer knowledge that can only come from someone who not only lives here, but travels the city like a tourist often as part of my job.

I’m a freelance travel writer and blogger originally from the USA who has fallen head over heels for this city. I first visited London on a school trip in 2003. Since then, I’ve lived in the city for two six-month stints, studying in 2007 then moving here in 2013. I currently review tours of the city, which helps me pick out the best attractions and puts me in touch with historians and experts.

By taking London history and cultural courses, I’ve picked up a knowledge of the city’s past. By walking this city often and covering events, I’ve kept up to date with all it has to offer today. I’ve been to every attraction included in this itinerary multiple times and have walked each route myself. Without a doubt, this itinerary will show you everything London has to offer and save you a lot of money!

All directions can be found in italics between *'s and attractions are listed in order from start to finish. Local's tips are also italicized but will start with a reference in bold letters like in this sentence. There are activities mentioned in this tour that cost money to enter, so we'll only stop to see them from the outside then move on, but I will mention their adult admission price to enter under their heading in case you wish to come back and visit another day. All photos and maps are by Bobbi Lee Hitchon and cannot be copied or reproduced in any way.