Los Angeles 4-Day Itinerary (partly using Red Tour Bus)
Los Angeles 4-Day Itinerary (partly using Red Tour Bus)
Los Angeles 4-Day Itinerary (partly using Red Tour Bus)

Clare Auchterlonie

Los Angeles 4-Day Itinerary (partly using Red Tour Bus)

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Los Angeles is the most traffic congested city in the US, and the prospect of driving in it is overwhelming for visitors. Using the City Sightseeing buses, this guide shows you how to see the very best and diversity of Los Angeles, without having to worry about driving or traffic! If you buy this tour, you will have fun, see a wide range of the city, and all destinations are suitable for travelers of any age.

This is a four-day tour of Los Angeles partly using Hop On Hop Off buses.

Days of this tour can be swapped around according to your needs, but please remember Hop On Hop Off multi-day passes are only valid over consecutive days.

Day 1 - Hooray for Hollywood - a walking tour of Hollywood's historic sites - no need for the bus this day.

Day 2 - Explore the glamor of Beverly Hills, shop till you drop on Melrose, and eat till you are beat at the Farmer's Market on the red bus route.

Day 3 - Delve into Downtown Los Angeles, one of the countries most up-and-coming metropolis' with its world class restaurants, uber cool hotels, and trendy boutiques on the purple bus route.

Day 4 - Beach life! This is why we live here. Spend a day exploring some of LA's beach cities. You can use the yellow/green bus route, or we show you how to save money and take public transport!

Please note this tour is not endorsed or affiliated in any way with Starline and City Sightseeing Los Angeles. While every available opportunity is made to keep this tour up-to-date, details such as bus number stops may change, so be sure to pick up the latest tour map from Starline and City Sightseeing to accompany this tour.


  • General tips about visiting Los Angeles from a local.
  • Off the beaten path suggestions from a local.
  • Suggestions on other ways to save money on your trip.
  • Lunch and dinner suggestions for every budget.
  • Ideas for those who want to explore LA nightlife further. 
  • Wide range of evening activity ideas for every budget.
  • Pictures and maps of locations to help guide you around without a smartphone.
  • Days of the tour can be easily swapped around for your convenience.